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Friday, September 30, 2016

Burgundy Dress with Bell Sleeves

Burgundy Dress with Bell Sleeves fall shein
Burgundy Bell Sleeve Dress: c/o SheIn ($22.99) | Ankle Boots: Similar boots 1 boots 2,  boots 3 | Cross body: Similar purse 1purse 2purse 3

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There are so many trends I'm loving this season, from velvet to mixing prints to burgundy. This shade truly encompasses fall - it's darker than summer hues but still filled with rich color. I can't get enough of it! I'm sure I'll buy one too many dresses, sweatshirts and shoes in burgundy this season and totally kill the trend, but until then, I'm hooked! 

Burgundy Dress with Bell Sleeves fall shein

Bell sleeves are another fun craze that add drama and romance to any top or dress. The cutouts on these bell sleeves remind me of tunics from Medieval times, like something Drew Barrymore's character would have worn in Ever After. That reminds me, I really want to go to a Medieval festival this fall! Mental note made.

Burgundy Dress with Bell Sleeves fall shein

We shot these photos last weekend, and already it's too cool to wear this one without tights now! Luckily, it will look just as cute if not cuter paired with leggings and a cozy military jacket.

Burgundy Dress with Bell Sleeves fall shein

I paired it with brown ankle booties and a black cross body because I'm just such a rebel. 

Burgundy Dress with Bell Sleeves fall shein

Burgundy Dress with Bell Sleeves fall shein
Burgundy Bell Sleeve Dress: c/o SheIn ($22.99) | Ankle Boots: Similar boots 1 boots 2,  boots 3 | Cross body: Similar purse 1purse 2purse 3

One of my favorite aspects of this dress is actually the super soft drawstrings at the neck. You know those velvety ropes to tie back curtains? It's soft like that. Couldn't you just picture wearing this to go apple picking, choosing a pumpkin or sipping hot cider? I know I can, and I plan to do all of those things asap!

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Comments Challenge: What are your thoughts on burgundy and bell sleeves? 

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

New Rod Dee Fenway Review

New Rod Dee Fenway Review

Thai food is one of my favorite cuisines, hands down. From curries to noodle dishes, each plate has so much flavor and the presentation is often colorful and appealing. A lot of the dishes use rice noodles which are gluten free, which is always a plus for me! 

One of my favorite Thai restaurants in Boston is New Rod Dee, located in Fenway's Restaurant Row. Sound familiar? This strip of delicious multicultural restaurants is also home to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants in Boston, El Pelon. Restaurant row is a little known local secret, offering everything from Middle Eastern to Japanese food, all on one block. Plus, it's around the corner from one of my favorite stores: Target. Basically it's just a really pleasant area! 

New Rod Dee Fenway Review

We sat on the communal patio dining tables and chowed down. I ordered the Pad See You, which has wide noodles, Chinese broccoli, and tofu. It's a bit sweet and salty from the soy sauce in it's sauce, with generous portions. Let's just say if I could eat this all day every day, I wouldn't hesitate.

New Rod Dee Fenway Review

Above is the yellow curry, which is a very mild curry that comes with potatoes, veggies and chicken. This one is just as scrumptious in it's own way.

All in all, I definitely recommend New Rod Dee to Thai food lovers in Boston. Other Thai places I've tried here have dry chicken, or they skimp on the tofu, or their greens aren't fresh enough. But New Rod Dee seems to be consistently up to standards on all ingredients. A friend of a friend who is from Thailand also vouched for it, saying it's the place he goes for food that reminds him of home. 

Insider's tip: Be sure to bring cash to pay. They have an atm inside, but you're better off getting something at Target around the corner for some cash back to avoid those crazy atm fees!

P.S. How great was this lighting? Remember when I was saying how lighting is the most important aspect of photography? The proof is in the pudding! Or the Thai food in this case.

Comment Challenge: Do you like Thai food? What's your fave dish?

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Boston College Fashion Week

I got a press pass to a really cool event this weekend that I must share with you all - the Boston College Fashion Week show (you may have seen my boomerang on Instagram about it)! 

Run by Her Campus Media, this was a super fun event that took place in the Revere Hotel and showcased stylish outfits across four fashion shows, as well as great stations to visit like the European Wax Center where I got my brows done by the experts! 

It was clear that these "experts in eyebrows" definitely know what they're doing and I can't wait to go in for a full appointment soon!

It may be silly but I was really excited to see my name on a VIP chair in the front row! 

This shot is from the second show of the night, which was my favorite. It featured festival clothing from the indie brand Vici Collection of the Foray Collective.

Other shows included "study chic" outfits, Greek rush clothing, and girl's night out themed fashion. The themes brought new energy to each show, and you could tell the models were having fun with it. All of the models are college students, so they represented all shapes and sizes which was great to see.  

From the stations to the fashion shows themselves, this was such a fun event! We got to mingle with local bloggers and fellow fashion lovers, and I even got to meet a couple of girls I knew from Instagram! The energy in the event space was filled with excitement, and when the fashion shows began the bright lights went up and the cameras went off like crazy. It was like something out of a posh movie or tv show, so thrilling!

If you get a chance to go to a show like this I highly recommend it. Be sure to see my post featuring the OTS top and distressed jeans outfit which I wore to the show!

Comment Challenge: Have you ever been to a fashion show? What was your experience?

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