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Sunday, May 1, 2016

April Chow + Style Round-Up

Can you believe it's May? Honestly this year is flying by so fast! Here's a quick recap on what I styled and chowed down on last month! 


Boston weather has been so wishy-washy this season - one day it's in the 70's, the next we're back to the 40's and it's raining! I've been making sure to take advantage of those choice warmer days this month with spring dresses and skirts! 

From left to right, we have the Tiers of Joy white lace dress by UOI Online, to the Shabby Apple lavender scalloped dress, and the ultra-chic checkered top by Minan Wong. All of these pieces really represent my femme style, while being trendy and unique. 


I really lucked out on dining this month! From super fresh seafood at B&G Oysters, to some of the best steak I've had at Boston Chops, and a delicious spring menu tasting at Seasons 52, it's going to be hard to top that in May (but you know I'll try)!

Comment Challenge: Which of my April styles and chows were your favorite this month?

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Friday, April 29, 2016

Blue Mirror Sunglasses

Blue Mirror Sunglasses
Sunglasses: Ilymix | Top: Target | Skirt: H&M | Sandals: Bearpaw
Everywhere I look this season, I see gorgeous mirror sunglasses! I've been so jelly of everyone walking around, all fancy and reflective, until I finally got my own thanks to Ilymix! They make gorgeous mirror sunnies in all different colors.  

The story of how I came to choose the blue mirror sunglasses is a random one but I swear it's related and will come full circle! First of all, my eyes change color - does anyone else have this? Depending on the lighting and what I'm wearing, they range from blue to green. Growing up I was told these are referred to as "dragon eyes," which I always thought was really cool and made me wish dragons were a real thing. But I digress. 

Now, the sunglasses Ilymix makes are not only mirrored, but they change colors! So naturally, I jumped at the chance to get the blue and green sunglasses to match my dragon eyes. See? I told you the story was relevant!

Blue Mirror Sunglasses

Blue Mirror Sunglasses

Blue Mirror Sunglasses

Blue Mirror Sunglasses

Blue Mirror Sunglasses
Sandals: Bearpaw

Blue Mirror Sunglasses

I was definitely getting a bohemian vibe from these pretty sunnies, so I styled them with a flowy white top from Target, a blue-green color changing skirt (is it just me or does it totally resemble dragon scales?) which I snagged from H&M for $10 (!!) and my favorite new sandals from Bearpaw which are crazy comfortable and versatile. 

Now for the fun part: Enter below to win your own blue mirror sunglasses (or whichever sunnies you desire)! 

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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Boston Chops Steakhouse & Life Changes

Ch-ch-ch-changes! There have been so many large-scale changes lately, it's hard to keep up. When in doubt, go chow down at the best steakhouse in town, right? So that's what we did this weekend! 

One of my good friends is moving from Boston to Denver this week, which is so sad! She's a fellow foodie and wanted to check out Boston Chops Steakhouse in the South End one last time before her move. Another good friend of ours, ironically, is moving back to Boston from Texas this fall, and is in town this week as well! So we all met up at this upscale, classic bistro to catch up on all the changes while getting our grub on. 

As many of you know, I'm now gluten-free, so seeing this super fresh, steaming, fluffy bread was like torture! Everyone said it was amazing and I believe them. Major humpf.  

My friend ordered the roasted bone marrow with gremolata and onion broth, which I've never had before! There's something about bone marrow that I have a mental block about eating, but I tried this anyway. I'm not a huge fan of the flavor (salty) or consistency (gelatinous, buttery), but that's just how bone marrow is and doesn't reflect on the venue in any way. Everyone else at the table was excitedly self-serving it as a condiment to their bread.

Guys, these were the best brussels sprouts ever! More specifically, these are the Brussels Sprouts au Canard, which means they're cooked in duck fat, as well as being mixed with pieces of bacon. Does it really get better than that? Their flavor was incredible, and we wanted to order ten more but wanted to save room for the main course. It's impressive when a steakhouse puts a lot of effort into sides like these, when they could really get away with just having phenomenal steak. 

I ordered the 8 oz Filet Mignon. When in Rome, right? It came with fries and a healthy arugula salad that made you feel like you were at least attempting to eat healthy. Choices of sauces included the Boston Chops house, bordelaise, bearnaise, peppercorn, BBQ, creamy horseradish, and chimichurri butter. 

I opted for the BBQ, after checking with the waiter who checked with the chef that it was gluten-free. Did I mention how patient and knowledgeable our waiter was? He was super helpful in helping me order things that were gluten-free, and even came back to let me know what other dishes at the table were also gluten-free in case I wanted to try them. Talk about going above and beyond!

My steak came a perfectly pink medium and so delicious! I completely demolished my plate, even after I got full, because it was just that delicious and high quality. The BBQ sauce was scrumptious in and of itself! I wish I could bottle it up and take some home with me.

My friend ordered her steak "blue," which means it's even more rare than "rare," and it literally is blue when you cut into it!

Above is the Pan-Roasted Halibut, with root vegetable hash and lemon butter sauce. This is a great dish for those who are avoiding eating beef. It's buttery and roasted to a perfect crisp!

The filet mignon blew me away, and this Vanilla Bean Creme Brulee really gave the entree a run for it's money! It was perfectly scored, with sugary creamy goodness at the ideal consistency. Can I just eat this every day?

Pictured above is the Gianduja Hazelnut Tart, with carmelized hazelnut and hazelnut praline gelato. 

In case you can't tell already, Boston Chops is certified delicious with incredible service! To me, that's the best combination, and I would expect no less from a stop steakhouse. I value it a bit above Fogo de Chao, the Brazilian steakhouse because while Fogo's meats are amazing, Boston Chops seems to pride themselves on their sides and dessert just as much as their cuts of meat. Everything is held to this phenomenal standard and they really hit the nail on the head!

After our meal, we hung out at the fun Lolitas Tequila Bar nearby, which has a cool True Blood ambiance, and ended the night with a classic game of Cards Against Humanity! We talked about the many life changes we all face, and how in the end it's the people that are by your side that help make it manageable!

Comment Challenge: What major life change have you or a friend been through lately?

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