Monday, February 18, 2013

Beyond Deep Dish - Patxi's Pizza!

Patxi's Pizza - Hayes Valley

     Confession: I am a pizza FIEND. When I was younger I would have it at school for lunch nearly every day, and I just never got sick of it. Luckily for my internal organs, my food preferences have branched out quite a bit since then, but there will always be a little piece of my heart reserved for these savory cakes.
     It seems like most of the world leans towards the thin crispy pies, but I always preferred the thicker deep dish styles. I liken it to my preference to chewy cookies over crunchy, but that's a whole other post! That's why when Patxi's came to SF, I was stoked. 
     As you've probably already surmised, Patxi's specializes in delicious Chicago Deep-Dish style pizzas as the one you see below. They are pronounced "pah-cheese,"  and they certainly do not skimp on the cheese! 

The Californian

The Californian - mozzarella, fresh spinach, yellow onions, and tomato sauce on whole wheat crust
The Californian - mozzarella, fresh spinach, yellow onions, and tomato sauce on whole wheat crust

     We ordered the Californian, which had a healthy (-er) whole wheat crust, mozzarella (low-fat), fresh spinach, and yellow onions, topped off with a hearty layer of tomato sauce
     When you're eating the Californian, you find yourself in one of those rare situations where you are full and clearly should stop eating, but it tastes too good so you just keep going. Your taste buds literally override your internal body signals which tell you that you've had enough to eat. Between the two of us, my friend and I left the restaurant with just one small slice each to-go. The rest was demolished. 
     The pie is so thick that each slice is kind of like eating two pieces on top of each other, double-decker style. In this case the bottom slice is mainly spinach and cheese, and the top slice is just tomato sauce, but hey it works!
     Putting the tomato sauce on top is a genius move, by the way. It's such a heavy ingredient, and usually put as the bottom layer in any pizza. Having it on top allows you to bite into it's richness first, and then meet the refreshing spinach in the bottom layer. It also keeps in the warmth of the cheese below. I don't know how they came up with it, but I'm impressed.
     I should also mention that ordering the deep dish means waiting 30-45 minutes for your food to arrive, so I recommend grabbing an appetizer while you're at it. They have a great salad selection to choose from as well. Also, there are more Patxi's dispersed around the city, such as in the Inner Richmond and Noe Valley. So you have no excuse not to try it! :)

Thanks for reading & Happy eating!
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  1. Looking at that pizza makes me wish that a place like that would open near me. I generally stay away from deep dish pizzas because of how heavy and less healthy they are compared to other options, but the Californian does seem like a good choice for the health-minded folks. Thanks for sharing, Chelsea!


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