Friday, February 15, 2013



     The other day someone asked me what my hobbies are. Or I was updating my LinkedIn profile, whatever. The point is that when I thought about it, I realized that when I'm not working or going out with my friends, I tended to float around from one activity to another. I couldn't pinpoint one steadfast hobby that I've stuck with throughout the years, honed in on and really made my own.


     I took up knitting for a while, but abruptly put down the needles once I made a beanie with the SF Giants logo in it and realized I would never top that. (Side note: I made that beanie for a friend's birthday and have yet to see him wear it! You know who you are.)

Hula and Tahitian Dance

     Back when I had my car in the city, I would drive to Pacifica to train in Hula & Tahitian dance. I even got to perform in a 49ers halftime show once, which even through the fog and possibly the least comfortable coconuts ever was a huge honor for me as a SF Native who would be dragged to Niners games as a child. But not even this joy could convince me to drive my car in circles for hours looking for parking in my neighborhood. Sorry I'm not sorry.

SF Dining Adventures

     I snowboard probably once a year, I swore I'd stick to weekly yoga this year (made it twice), I have a habit of getting halfway through a book and jumping headfirst into another one, but there are two things that have always been consistent. My capital-L, Love, for photography & dining out in my city. The City is a rare, delicious convergence of cultural variation with culinary expertise. And thanks to the advent of modern technology, I am able to document the many chow-downs I have, no matter what pocket of the city I'm exploring that day. Yes, I'm THAT girl who takes pictures of her food before she eats it. Well, as long as it looks delectable. Which it usually does.

     So please, follow me on my dining adventures! They start right now :D


  1. I made it to your very first post. I have read/looked at all your pictures from the newest post. The restaurants and places you have visited look amazing, I am really hungry now.
    I love your blog, so glad you sent me your link.




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