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Alphabet Dining, Letter K: Kitchen Story San Francisco

Kitchen Story San Francisco
Deep Fried French Toast, Millionaire's Bacon, Omelette

It was a sunny Saturday in the city, and that means exactly one thing: a darling brunch. Alex and I ventured to the Castro, home of the much-buzzed-about Kitchen Story. KS is a Californian-Asian Fusion restaurant, with a delectable and inspired menu to feast your eyes and stomach on.

Kitchen Story 

Kitchen Story San Francisco

Buzzing with brunchers in their cute-but-not-trying-too-hard outfits. You can spot my reflection in the door if you look hard enough!

Kitchen Story San Francisco
"Look like a millionaire!"

Our Millionaire's Bacon came out before the brunch itself. I told Alex to pose like a millionaire and this was his response. Pretty spot on if you ask me.

Kitchen Story San Francisco
Millionaire Bacon: Brown Sugar & Cayenne Pepper-Crusted Thick-Cut Bacon

Kitchen Story is known for it's out-of-the-box menu. This includes the newsworthy Millionaire's Bacon - 2 thick-cut slabs of hearty bacon, encrusted with not only brown sugar but also cayenne pepper. The extreme sweet comfort mixes with the spicy cayenne kick to force a sound of amazement from the diner with every bite. If you live in SF, or are just passing through, I actually recommend coming to KS if not for their Millionaire's Bacon alone. The idea is that their bacon is SO good, it makes you feel like a millionaire. This is up for debate, but its taste truly is unique and delicious.

Kitchen Story San Francisco
Mascarpone-Filled, Deep-Fried French Toast 
Topped with Fresh Fruits and Angel Hair Pasta

As a certified french toast fiend, I felt compelled to order the Mascarpone-Filled, Deep-Fried French Toast. Topped with fresh fruits and angel hair pasta, I scarfed this down to the amazement of my dining companion. It was just that good. 

Kitchen Story San Francisco
Mascarpone Filling

An inside look at the Mascarpone Filling within my Deep-Fried French Toast dish. The crispy outer layer gave way to a chewy oasis of cardiac arrest cheesy, eggy goodness. In all seriousness, this tops my list of the best french toast in I've had in recent memory. 

Kitchen Story San Francisco
Franciscan Omelette with Butter Croissant and Rainbow Potatoes
chicken mango, avocado, pimento, mushroom, celery, jack

Alex ordered the Franciscan Omelette, filled with chicken mango, avocado, pimento, mushroom, celery, and jack cheese, and completed with butter croissant and rainbow potatoes. He enjoyed his plate, though was not expecting the omelette to be engulfed with the jack cheese (the entire outer layer you see is a thick cheese coating). The croissant was noteworthy, extremely soft and buttery. I enjoyed the presentation of the rainbow potatoes - a fun take on the ordinary, which seems to be a recurring theme of KS.

I was thoroughly impressed with Kitchen Story's innovative menu. From my Mascarpone Deep-Fried French Toast, to their infamous Millionaire's Bacon, to the Bulgogi Burger I spotted on their menu (which I plan on going back for soon), KS seems to go the extra mile to keep up with San Francisco's demanding food scene.

The only hiccup we noticed was a slightly frazzled waitstaff, who seemed to be crashing into one another and dropping silverware quite frequently. Perhaps this is a testament to the success of such a busy restaurant. 

As mentioned, I would absolutely recommend anyone in the SF area to stop by KS, if not only for their unique Millionaire's Bacon. The decor was clearly premeditated and darling - I especially enjoyed the giant golden clock I saw on a back wall. The presentation of the food was a true feast for the eyes as well. Each dish had a plethora of colors and textures to fascinate the onlooker. I know I will be back to try other treats on their menu!

Kitchen Story San Francisco

I took a walk around the city to work off that massive brunch. Here is an obligatory outfit shot as I rested on some cute brick stairs in the city sun.

Kitchen Story San Francisco

Alex's AWESOME sister Maggie was kind enough to bring me back these Cherry Blossom Green Tea flavored Kit Kats from her travels to Japan! I am obsessed. For those who don't know, Japan is the leader in interesting Kit Kat flavors! These have a darling floral flavor to them. Makes me want to go to Japan and see for myself!

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  1. I gotta try this millionaire bacon. Enjoy the kitkat!

    1. Thanks Maggie! Trying to make them last. And the millionaire bacon is DEF worth a visit.

  2. Mellissa WilliamsMarch 25, 2015 at 1:09 PM

    I like the sound of this restaurant, I will certainly visit when I am in San Francisco!


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