Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Buckhorn Grill

"Shopping is my cardio."
 - Carrie Bradshaw

That's right; sometimes, shopping is my cardio. Anyone who has walked around 5 floors of two connecting malls for hours will tell you the same. And while shopping can feed the soul, this weekend cardio requires tangible fuel. 

Westfield Mall

After a long day of urban hiking, scouring the racks and trying on hundreds of outfits, my friend and I decided it was about time to refuel, and headed downstairs to food court. Not to be outdone by the city's legendary cuisine, Westfield Mall in downtown SF pools some great options for the urban explorer. After trying a sample tri tip, I was instantly sold on Buckhorn Grill. 

Buckhorn Grill incorporates the best ingredients for the modern omnivore- Certified Angus Beef Tri Tip, fresh fruits and leafy greens.

Maybe I'm a little biased due to my shopping hunger, but my order from Buckhorn was something to write home about. My dish of choice was the Spring Mix Fruit and Nut Salad, which consisted of spring mix greens, locally-grown fruit and sweet walnuts, tossed with honey-lime dressing. Naturally, I opted to add the tri tip on top. It was the perfect blend of healthy, light greens, fruit and nuts, with a hearty and substantial tri tip steak. SO fresh and rejuvenating! If you are visiting SF's downtown area or just out for some shopping, I would highly recommend Buckhorn Grill to refuel after your cardio.

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  1. That salad looks delicious! The Wesfield Mall has so many amazing food options. It's several notches above typical mall dining. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I agree, Westfield puts a great effort into it's food court. Lucky us! :)


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