Saturday, August 17, 2013

Alphabet Dining, Letter L: Live Sushi Bar

Green Tea Tiramisu, Scallop Slider, Sushi Rolls

This week, Michelle and I ventured out to Live Sushi Bar for a much-needed catch-up sesh. LSB is a roomy sushi bar in Potrero Hill, with some unique menu items that we were eager to try.


Scallop Sliders

We were sure to sample the Scallop Sliders, comprised of a bun of scallops and cucumbers, with meat of tempura fried muscles and onions. These were refreshingly unique, with a darling presentation as though they were hamburger sliders. The only drawback was that once you remove the toothpick, these guys were difficult to eat neatly.  


Romeo + Juliet Roll

Our first roll was tasty and had a slight kick to it. The Romeo and Juliet Roll was filled with sake (salmon), avocado, and shrimp tempura, and topped with hamachi as well as a spicy unagi sauce. There was just enough spice in the sauce to give the roll a kick without overpowering the sake and hamachi.

Bergschneider Roll

We also ordered the delicious Bergschneider Roll, with unagi (eel), and avocado topped with sake (salmon). I always appreciate the full flavor of unagi, which nicely compliments the more subtle tones in the salmon.

Sweet Potato Roll

Out of curiosity, I ordered the Sweet Potato Roll. We both regretted my decision to do so, as this roll was exorbitantly void of flavor. 


Green Tea Tiramisu 

For dessert, we thoroughly enjoyed the Green Tea Tiramisu, although curiously we tasted absolutely no tiramisu whatsoever. It was a lovely green tea-flavored sponge cake. 

Overall Experience

All in all, we had a decent dining experience at Live Sushi Bar. The rolls were palatable (save the sweet potato roll of course) and the staff was friendly. 

There were a couple confusing points to note in our meal as well. We were looking forward to trying the unique uni (sea urchin), which is actually served in the spiky sea urchin exterior. Unfortunately, they claimed to be sold out at 8pm and urged us to come back on a weekend to try it. Maybe we would have if they warned us not to order the sweet potato roll, or if their "tiramisu" cake had even a hint of tiramisu flavor. I would not say to avoid LSB, but there is no need to go out of your way to dine here.


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