Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Carmel Wedding

This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend a magical rustic wedding in Carmel Valley, CA! The ceremony took place in a clearing on a tiny farm slightly inland from the coast. The sun was shining and the grass was green, what else could you ask for?


"Together with friends and family is always the happiest place to be"

Literally everything about this place was beautiful and special, even the ice tray.

Cucumber water + Iced tea, mason jars

In keeping with the rustic theme, the pre-ceremony refreshment table featured mason jars, cucumber water and iced tea. Both were fresh and nicely chilled, adding to the great summer feel of the occasion.

Garden Path

The ceremony was short and sweet. We were then led out of the clearing into an even more magical setting (if you can believe it)! There were various winding paths, all lined with flowers and trees and meticulously-placed garden rocks. Everyone agreed it felt like a fairy land- literally. It felt like we were in a land for fairies. And it was awesome. 

Post-Ceremony Snacks

Post-Ceremony Snacks

The post-ceremony snacks were tasty and had a beautiful presentation.

Post-Ceremony Snacks: Mushroom, Bell Pepper, Potato Salad

Just some of the post-ceremony snacks: Mushroom Salad, Bell Pepper Salad, and Potato Salad. I'm not a huge fan of mushrooms nor bell peppers, so I stayed with the potato, which was very good, with peas and real potato portions rather than the mush you sometimes come across in the grocery store.

More post-Ceremony Snacks

I enjoyed these because they were so cute - like little savory cakes! I believe they were made of corn and/or potato, but don't quote me on that.

My post-ceremony snack plate

Here is my very own snacking plate! My favorite part was the bite-sized pocket you see on the leftmost side. This was just one of the 10 billion beef empanadas I had that night. Sorry I'm not sorry.

Garden Pup

Here's a cute garden pup I found while adventuring among the paths.


Appetizer: Tomato + Mozzarella Salad with balsamic 

For our appetizer, we started with this eye-catching splash of colors and flavors- a foundation of various tomatoes, sprinkled with mozzarella cubes and encircled with a great balsamic.

Dinner: Pecan-Crusted Salmon, Jumbo Shrimp, Chicken + Olive Oil, Veggie Salad, Potatoes

Our main course was healthy yet delicious, surely cooked by the same fairies who tended the garden. I had a little of everything: Pecan-Crusted Salmon, Jumbo Shrimp, Chicken and Olive Oil, and a Veggie Salad.

First dance!

After dinner, the bride and groom had their first dance. So romantic!


Dessert: Olallaberry Pie

In a healthy and rustic twist, we had pie in place of the tradition cake for dessert. I loved this healthy alternative, and it really fit with the country-natural theme of the wedding as a whole. Plus, I discovered a new favorite pie flavor- Olallaberry! Olallaberry is sweet and a little tart. Upon further research, I discovered it is actually a cross breeding of  loganberry and the youngberry, each of which are themselves a cross between blackberry and another berry (raspberry and dewberry, respectively). Learn something new every day! 

 Kiwi tree??

Walking around, I noticed what I believe to be a kiwi tree! As a kiwi fiend, it was exciting to see them growing in their natural habitat.


Overall, it was a lovely wedding. A beautiful, magical setting and great food made for a fun-filled evening!



  1. I am sooo wedding out! I had 3 to attend this summer, two of my cousins and then of course my own. Then I have one more to attend in the fall, luckily they are always a blast! Looks like you had a great time :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow

    1. Wow! I don't blame you for being wedding-ed out. But they are so fun! :) Thanks for stopping by as always :)

  2. What is the name of that venue? What an amazing wedding? I would love to get married there.


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