Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Coast to Coast Roadtrip Day 1 | Hurricane, Utah | Zion Deli

Roadtrip: Day 1 | Hurricane, Utah

Well, folks, it really happened! I just returned from an absolutely epic coast-to-coast roadtrip. Our travels began in San Francisco, California and swept northeast to Boston, Massachusetts. We saw gorgeous lands, waters, and skies, and came across some delicious and unique meals.

The first leg of our trip descended south from the bay, through Bakersfield, California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Arizona; and finally ending in Hurricane, Utah. The next morning, we trekked through the breathtaking Zion National Park.

Emerald Pools

Zion Deli

After a few hours of hiking in 95 degree heat, we naturally went in search of some good local eats. We were lucky to stumble upon Zion Deli in it's picturesque location.


Turkey Sandwhich, extra pickles.

The sandwiches we devoured at Zion Deli were astounding. Sure, we were ravenous after our hike, but it cannot be disputed that the ingredients were as fresh as could be and they even managed to read my scribble of "extra" next to the pickles. It was also fun to make by checking off your desired ingredients on their nifty made-to-order sheets:

Funny sign by the register


Nick & I in Zion National Park

A tree that spoke to me

Cranberry- Jalapeno Preserves

I found this interesting Cranberry-Jalapeno concoction on the Zion Deli shelves. I am still curious as to what this would taste like!

Utah amazed me. The rich red iron in the land against the healthy green trees on the mesas made for an unbelievable view. Combine that with jutting mountains, deep canyons, and the puffiest of clouds, and it feels like a dream. I plan to go back and continue adventuring there, and I recommend everyone do the same!

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  1. So jealous, I have always wanted to do a cross country trip. Looks like you had a great time :)

    Happy Blogging!
    Happy Valley Chow


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