Sunday, September 15, 2013

America Roadtrip Day 4 | Chicago Pt. II | Wildberry Brunch, The Bean, Sears Tower, Sight-Seeing

Nick & The Bean

The next morning we wasted no time in taking to the streets of Chicago. We walked through downtown to The Bean in Millennium Park, a gorgeous mirrored work of art which reflects the city's impressive skyline and signature architecture.

Bean Reflections

Chicago River 

We were lucky to have such a clear and sunny day to overlook the Chicago River. I'd like to go back one day and take a boat tour along the river - so beautiful!

Chicago Brunch: Wildberry

Caramel Apple Pecan French Toast

For brunch, we stopped in to Wildberry across the street from Millennium Park. There was a pack of diners waiting outside, which is always a good sign. Sure enough, the menu inside was absolutely breathtaking, from Red Velvet French Toast to Oreo S'mores Pancakes. 

I ordered the Caramel Apple Pecan French Toast, which came complete with thick-cut brioche dipped in their "Special Batter" and topped with sautéed cinnamon glazed Granny Smith Apples, smooth caramel and glazed pecans.

To put it simply, it was as good as it sounds- better, even. The crunchy pecans were a perfect juxtaposition to the soft french toast, and the apples were a texture all their own. I dare say it was the best french toast I've had to date. It was VERY sweet, which my sweet tooth enjoyed, but turned quickly into a food coma situation. So I wouldn't recommend this plate unless you planned on walking around the city a bit to walk it off.

Fruit Bowl

Refreshing fruit bowl to offset the hearty carbs.

Omelette & Hash Browns

Nick's omelette was it's own work of brunch art. The eggs were incredibly fluffy. The plate was the rare blend of hearty, healthy, and delicious. Another win for Wildberry.

More Chicago Sight-Seeing

 Sears Tower

THE Sears Tower! We tried to go up to the top, but there was a 90 minute wait, and we had 2 more state lines to cross that day.

The Art Institute of Chicago

Our last stop was The Art Institute of Chicago, where we got to see paintings by Monet, the Seated Buddha, American Gothic, and other works of art from around the world. My favorite was a collection of miniaturized rooms from American, European and Japanese history. The detail was amazing, including mirrors above fireplaces, hair brushes, and newspapers.

Conclusion: I love Chicago. It has great history, unique architecture (I was waiting for Batman to jump out from every corner), amazing food and art. I definitely recommend a trip out here if you get the chance!

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