Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Roadtrip, Night 6: Boston, Massachusetts

Our last night of the roadtrip was spent in Boston, Massachusetts. We celebrated by going to a fantastic tapas restaurant in Brookline named Barcelona. 

Sourdough & Olive Oil

I love when restaurants give you olive oil as opposed to butter. It's more fun AND healthier! 

Jamon & Chicken Croquettes 

Every plate brought out was scrumptious, but these Jamon & Chicken Croquettes were simply unbelievable. We wanted to order 5 more plates of them. And take some to go. And get the recipe for later. Instead, we took our time and enjoyed each one. The outer breaded crust was absolutely perfect - soft but sturdy, with a slight crunch and great texture. Inside each was a warm surprise of delectable ham or chicken. Eat your heart out, chicken mcnuggets!

                                                  Spiced Beef Empanadas | Red Pepper Sauce

Another flavorful dish was the Spiced Beef Empanadas. They had just enough spice to make for an interesting flavor with a kick, without overpowering a spice lightweight such as myself. The outer shell was baked perfectly - not too crunchy, not soft, with just the right amount of flaky goodness when you dive in.

Kale Salad | Anchovy Vinaigrette, Breadcrumbs

In between our carb-filled dishes, we opted for the super healthy Kale Salad, which came topped with anchovy vinaigrette and breadcrumbs. The texture of the crunchy breadcrumbs against the slippery greens was a fun and different experience, and they also gave flavor to the kale.

Seafood Paella

To be honest, the Seafood Paella was not my favorite dish. It came in an ironcast pan from which we had to scrape our food. I've always heard that scraping a pan with silverware can leave unhealthy carcinogens in your food, so I did not enjoy this. Even once you got the food out, it was chopped so finely that I found it frustrating to eat. That said, the actual flavor could not be complained about. It just wasn't for me.

Grilled Morcilla | New Potatoes, Saffron Aioli 

As a final treat, we ordered the Grilled Morcilla, with new potatoes and saffron aioli. These were absolutely delicious potatoes, and it was fun to eat them with the little sticks they gave us. It's all about the little things!

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