Sunday, November 17, 2013

ABC Dining, Letter Y: Yuubi Sushi

As we approach the completion of San Francisco Alphabet Dining 2013, we arrive at letter Y just in time for Jackie to visit SF! We met up for some delicious Japanese food at Yuubi Sushi in the Inner Richmond.

Pickled Veggies

We started with some pickled veggies. I couldn't get enough of these! They had a slightly spicy kick.

Caterpillar Roll

I ordered the classic Caterpillar Roll, which was comprised of rice, seaweed, cucumber, unagi (eel), and topped with avocado. I love Caterpillar Rolls because you get the sweet unagi flavor and the smooth, buttery avocado topping. It's a great combination.

Mochi Ice Cream

On a freezing cold San Francisco night (after being in Boston I can no longer refer to SF weather as "freezing"), we decided to split a dish of Mochi Ice Cream. For the poor souls who don't know, mochi ice cream is amazing. Mochi is a sweet, gelatinous rice paste. You can find it as a topping in most frozen yogurt establishments. Mochi ice cream is essentially a sphere of ice cream, encompassed by a gooey delicious layer of mochi. Here you can see the spheres have been carved in fourths for presentation and effect. 

The great thing about mochi ice cream is the interesting textures you encounter. As I mentioned, the mochi itself has a rather gelatinous consistency, which nicely complements the creamy ice cream. We ordered a green tea and mango serving. I favored the mango with its citrus flavor, but they were both tasty. 

Overall Experience

I fully enjoyed the food itself and the decor in Yuubi Sushi. Decor included a raised sushi bar and color-changing lights which lined the walls. The only negative I noticed that night was the staffing. The waiters were great, but there just weren't enough of them. They were clearly overwhelmed and we had to flag them down constantly. Perhaps it was just an off night. Nonetheless, our experience at Yuubi was a positive one, and I wouldn't hesitate to return.

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