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Bestaurants: Top 5 Brunch Spots Across the U.S. in 2013!

As a foodie, my favorite meal is brunch, hands down! Check out my Top 5 Brunch Spots across America as we round out 2013.

5. Masa | Boston, MA

Masa is an underrated brunch spot in the heart of Boston's South End. It offers an unique menu, starting with the scrumptious plantain empanada you see above!

Complimentary cornbread and blue cornbread, with a side of delish spreads. The bottom yellow one is apricot jalapeno! Perfect subtle kick.

I ordered the chocolate chip pancakes, which were sweet and filling. Other entrees included Huevos Rancheros and Eggs Benedict, which were all to die for! I cannot recommend Masa enough.

4. Eagles | Boston, MA

Between their glorious french toast and ginormous omelettes, it's no wonder Eagle's Deli was featured on Man Vs. Food. This Brookline local spot takes the cake for brunch in Boston. Stay tuned for the full story in the upcoming blog post for Boston's ABC Dining, Letter E!

3. Kitchen Story | San Francisco, CA

The Castro's Kitchen Story is known for it's out-of-the-box menu. This includes the newsworthy Millionaire's Bacon - 2 thick-cut slabs of hearty bacon, encrusted with not only brown sugar but also cayenne pepper. The extreme sweet comfort mixes with the spicy cayenne kick to force a sound of amazement from the diner with every bite. If you live in SF, or are just passing through, I actually recommend coming to KS if not for their Millionaire's Bacon alone. The idea is that their bacon is SO good, it makes you feel like a millionaire. This is up for debate, but its taste truly is unique and delicious.

As a certified french toast fiend, I felt compelled to order the Mascarpone-Filled, Deep-Fried French Toast. Topped with fresh fruits and angel hair pasta, I scarfed this down to the amazement of my dining companion. It was just that good. 

My friend Alex ordered the Franciscan Omelette, filled with chicken mango, avocado, pimento, mushroom, celery, and jack cheese, and completed with butter croissant and rainbow potatoes. The croissant was noteworthy, extremely soft and buttery. I enjoyed the presentation of the rainbow potatoes - a fun take on the ordinary, which seems to be a recurring theme of KS. Read the rest of our Kitchen Story here.

2. Wildberry | Chicago, IL

While visiting Chi Town, we stopped into Wildberry across the street from Millennium Park. There was a pack of diners waiting outside, which is always a good sign. Sure enough, the menu inside was absolutely breathtaking, from Red Velvet French Toast to Oreo S'mores Pancakes. 

I ordered the Caramel Apple Pecan French Toast, which came complete with thick-cut brioche dipped in their "Special Batter" and topped with sautéed cinnamon glazed Granny Smith Apples, smooth caramel and glazed pecans.

To put it simply, it was as good as it sounds- better, even. The crunchy pecans were a perfect juxtaposition to the soft french toast, and the apples were a texture all their own. I dare say it was the best french toast I've had to date. It was VERY sweet, which my sweet tooth enjoyed and was great fuel to adventure around the city! Read more on our Coast-to-Coast Adventures here.

Refreshing fruit bowl to offset the hearty carbs.

1. Lucky Cafe | Cleveland, OH

During our coast-to-coast roadtrip, we stopped in Cleveland, Ohio for some brunch at Lucky's Cafe. I ordered the Canoewreck, which consisted of curried tofu, hash browns, seasonal veggies and brewer's yeast, served with como toast and fresh fruit. I was impressed with the innovation in the menu. Not many places do you see curried tofu and brewer's yeast for brunch. Every ingredient was also incredibly fresh. I was thrilled with the interesting flavors of the curry, vegetables, potatoes and brewer's yeast. 

All in all, the plate was savory and unique. The house-baked como toast and the house jam was unbelievable. I would pay for the recipe of either!

...And then there was bacon! Not just any bacon - Lucky's award-winning Pecan Bacon, topped with brown sugar and surely a deal made for someone's soul at some point. This bacon was truly AMAZING. The Millionaire's Bacon I enjoyed at Kitchen Story back in SF was tasty, but too sweet, drenched in sugars and syrups. I had a huge sugar rush and crash following my Millionaire's Bacon. The Pecan Bacon at Lucky's was different. It was more focused on the nutty and healthy pecan flavor, with just enough brown sugar to bring out a subtly sweet taste (sans the sugar rush & eventual crash). Best bacon I've ever had, hands down.

Hope you enjoyed this installment of 2013's Bestaurants! Do you have a favorite brunch spot not listed here? Let me know in the comments! I always love trying new places :)

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