Saturday, December 21, 2013

Sweetgreens are Made of These

Sweetgreen Boston

You gotta love a healthy restaurant with inspirational quotes adorning the walls. It just feels like you're being strengthened from the inside out, both body and mind. SweetGreen in Boston's Back Bay is a great example of foodie inspiration.

SweetGreen has a huge assortment of every veggie, fruit, nut, meat, and dressings you could imagine in a salad. They offer a new salad every month in addition to their local, seasonal menus.

To give you an idea of their tasty concoctions, December 2013's salad consists of warm grains and organic arugula with roasted curry cauliflower, roasted chicken, dried cranberries and organic cilantro; topped with cucumber basil yogurt dressing and spicy Sriracha sauce. YUM! There are enough ingredients available that there is a salad for everyone here.

Sweetgreens Boston

Sweetgreen Boston

I opted for their custom salad option, choosing my personal favorites: kale, warm quinoa, sliced almonds, cucumber, corn, red grapes, roasted tofu, balsamic vinegar. The result was absolutely devine. The sweet red grapes and corn brought great flavor to the healthy warm quinoa and kale. I would have preferred more balsamic, but it was great as-is. 

After filling up on the impossibly fresh ingredients, I couldn't help but feel rejuvenated and inspired, both by the vitamins in my tummy and the quotes on the wall. Soon after, I finally nailed the French Braid I've been working on mastering! I can't say for sure it was the SweetGreen, but who knows?

Sweetgreen Boston

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