Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Buckhorn Grill

"Shopping is my cardio."
 - Carrie Bradshaw

That's right; sometimes, shopping is my cardio. Anyone who has walked around 5 floors of two connecting malls for hours will tell you the same. And while shopping can feed the soul, this weekend cardio requires tangible fuel. 

Westfield Mall

After a long day of urban hiking, scouring the racks and trying on hundreds of outfits, my friend and I decided it was about time to refuel, and headed downstairs to food court. Not to be outdone by the city's legendary cuisine, Westfield Mall in downtown SF pools some great options for the urban explorer. After trying a sample tri tip, I was instantly sold on Buckhorn Grill. 

Buckhorn Grill incorporates the best ingredients for the modern omnivore- Certified Angus Beef Tri Tip, fresh fruits and leafy greens.

Maybe I'm a little biased due to my shopping hunger, but my order from Buckhorn was something to write home about. My dish of choice was the Spring Mix Fruit and Nut Salad, which consisted of spring mix greens, locally-grown fruit and sweet walnuts, tossed with honey-lime dressing. Naturally, I opted to add the tri tip on top. It was the perfect blend of healthy, light greens, fruit and nuts, with a hearty and substantial tri tip steak. SO fresh and rejuvenating! If you are visiting SF's downtown area or just out for some shopping, I would highly recommend Buckhorn Grill to refuel after your cardio.

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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Chez Maman

"We all get swept up in the hype machine. 
Nobody is immune to that."
-Steven Cojocaru

Who hasn't heard all the hype about Chez Maman? From french burgers to their mussel specialties, there has been a buzz about this restaurant for years. Queue my excitement to hear the mere 15 minute wait for Thursday dinner at Chez Maman West, the culinary satellite in Hayes Valley. Even more surprising, though, was the less-than-impressive supper I entertained that night. 

Smoked Salmon Crepe "with salad"
Fine Herbs Crème Fraîche, Spinach & Shallots

I was in the mood for a light dish, and craving a fresh leafy green salad, so naturally I ordered the Smoked Salmon Crepe, said to come with a salad, and filled with fine herbs, crème fraîche, spinach and shallots

First things first: Can we please discuss the indisputable fact that a few sprinkles of arugula does not a salad make? When a menu writes "Crepes (served with salad)," this is not what a hungry diner is expecting to receive. 

Secondly, there should be a disclaimer somewhere on the menu (or via the waiter at the very least), to inform the customer that at Chez Maman West, the crepes are enveloped with buckwheat. While buckwheat is considered a superfood, it is simply not what I was expecting when I ordered what I believed to be a light French crepe. Buckwheat is dense, heavy and extremely earthy. Combine this with overly-smoked salmon, and you have an overload of extremely bland, earthy flavor. Simply put, it did not taste good. 

Les Moules: Provencale
Tomato Concassee, Basil, Garlic & Bell Peppers

Luckily, Nick ordered the Provencale Mussels, with tomato concassee, basil, garlic and bell peppers. These were tasty and not at all misleading. One thing I would improve on is the sauce - it seemed a watered-down, and could have had more flavor to it. 

Overall Experience

Perhaps it was the hype of Chez Maman that led to my dining disappointment, or the misleading menu boasting of crepes with salads. Whatever it was, I left unimpressed.

My choice for a light crepe dish with a healthy salad turned out to be an uber-smoked, salmon-filled buckwheat monstrosity that I was unprepared for, with a light sprinkle of arugula in place of the promised salad. 

The hostess was very nice and friendly, but our waiter seemed uninterested and unhelpful. He didn't tell us anything about the menu, and failed to inform us of the crucial difference of their crepe ingredients. 

While the decor was inviting and French-chic, the menu was misleading and the food unflavorful. The extremely bland, earthy flavor of my crepe was not worth the $12 price tag. I'd sooner recommend any of Squat & Gobble's light crepes with a human-sized salad for about $10. 

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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Alphabet Dining, Letter K: Kitchen Story San Francisco

Kitchen Story San Francisco
Deep Fried French Toast, Millionaire's Bacon, Omelette

It was a sunny Saturday in the city, and that means exactly one thing: a darling brunch. Alex and I ventured to the Castro, home of the much-buzzed-about Kitchen Story. KS is a Californian-Asian Fusion restaurant, with a delectable and inspired menu to feast your eyes and stomach on.

Kitchen Story 

Kitchen Story San Francisco

Buzzing with brunchers in their cute-but-not-trying-too-hard outfits. You can spot my reflection in the door if you look hard enough!

Kitchen Story San Francisco
"Look like a millionaire!"

Our Millionaire's Bacon came out before the brunch itself. I told Alex to pose like a millionaire and this was his response. Pretty spot on if you ask me.

Kitchen Story San Francisco
Millionaire Bacon: Brown Sugar & Cayenne Pepper-Crusted Thick-Cut Bacon

Kitchen Story is known for it's out-of-the-box menu. This includes the newsworthy Millionaire's Bacon - 2 thick-cut slabs of hearty bacon, encrusted with not only brown sugar but also cayenne pepper. The extreme sweet comfort mixes with the spicy cayenne kick to force a sound of amazement from the diner with every bite. If you live in SF, or are just passing through, I actually recommend coming to KS if not for their Millionaire's Bacon alone. The idea is that their bacon is SO good, it makes you feel like a millionaire. This is up for debate, but its taste truly is unique and delicious.

Kitchen Story San Francisco
Mascarpone-Filled, Deep-Fried French Toast 
Topped with Fresh Fruits and Angel Hair Pasta

As a certified french toast fiend, I felt compelled to order the Mascarpone-Filled, Deep-Fried French Toast. Topped with fresh fruits and angel hair pasta, I scarfed this down to the amazement of my dining companion. It was just that good. 

Kitchen Story San Francisco
Mascarpone Filling

An inside look at the Mascarpone Filling within my Deep-Fried French Toast dish. The crispy outer layer gave way to a chewy oasis of cardiac arrest cheesy, eggy goodness. In all seriousness, this tops my list of the best french toast in I've had in recent memory. 

Kitchen Story San Francisco
Franciscan Omelette with Butter Croissant and Rainbow Potatoes
chicken mango, avocado, pimento, mushroom, celery, jack

Alex ordered the Franciscan Omelette, filled with chicken mango, avocado, pimento, mushroom, celery, and jack cheese, and completed with butter croissant and rainbow potatoes. He enjoyed his plate, though was not expecting the omelette to be engulfed with the jack cheese (the entire outer layer you see is a thick cheese coating). The croissant was noteworthy, extremely soft and buttery. I enjoyed the presentation of the rainbow potatoes - a fun take on the ordinary, which seems to be a recurring theme of KS.

I was thoroughly impressed with Kitchen Story's innovative menu. From my Mascarpone Deep-Fried French Toast, to their infamous Millionaire's Bacon, to the Bulgogi Burger I spotted on their menu (which I plan on going back for soon), KS seems to go the extra mile to keep up with San Francisco's demanding food scene.

The only hiccup we noticed was a slightly frazzled waitstaff, who seemed to be crashing into one another and dropping silverware quite frequently. Perhaps this is a testament to the success of such a busy restaurant. 

As mentioned, I would absolutely recommend anyone in the SF area to stop by KS, if not only for their unique Millionaire's Bacon. The decor was clearly premeditated and darling - I especially enjoyed the giant golden clock I saw on a back wall. The presentation of the food was a true feast for the eyes as well. Each dish had a plethora of colors and textures to fascinate the onlooker. I know I will be back to try other treats on their menu!

Kitchen Story San Francisco

I took a walk around the city to work off that massive brunch. Here is an obligatory outfit shot as I rested on some cute brick stairs in the city sun.

Kitchen Story San Francisco

Alex's AWESOME sister Maggie was kind enough to bring me back these Cherry Blossom Green Tea flavored Kit Kats from her travels to Japan! I am obsessed. For those who don't know, Japan is the leader in interesting Kit Kat flavors! These have a darling floral flavor to them. Makes me want to go to Japan and see for myself!

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Sunday, July 7, 2013

Alphabet Dining, Letter J: Jasper's Corner Tap & Kitchen

Jasper's Corner San Francisco

We are nearing the halfway point for our Alphabet Dining! Letter J brought us to San Francisco's Jasper's Corner Tap & Kitchen not far from Union Square. Jasper's is known for it's wide selection of poutine fries (they even have an entirely separate fry menu) so this was an exciting one! 

Jasper's Corner Tap & Kitchen

Jasper's Corner San Francisco
Mussel Hot Plate (Large)
Stone Cali-Belgique & Citrus Steamed, Green Garlic, Fresno Chili, Rustic Baguette

I ordered the Large Mussel Hot Plate, with stone cali-belgique and citrus-steamed mussels. They came swimming in a delectable sauce of green garlic and fresno chili. A couple piece of rustic baguette was the perfect post-mussel sponge for the yummy sauce! I ate these so fast I forgot to let my friends have a try. They got to sop up the sauce though, which is the best part anyway. Definitely recommend these to seafood lovers in the city.

Jasper's Corner San Francisco
Sweet Potato Poutine Fries
Smoked Paprika & Brown Gravy with Mushrooms

Jasper's Corner is known for it's fries. Let me be more specific: Jasper's Corner has an entire separate menu dedicated to fries. Narrowing it down even more, their fries menu has an entire section devoted to poutine. Poutine, for those unfamiliar, originated in Quebec and is a topping of cheese curds and brown gravy on french fries. Aka foodie heaven. 

As some sushi bars and burger joints (like The Counter), the fries menu is a checkoff list, with essentially 3 categories: 

  • Pick Your Potato - thin, thick, sweet
  • Pick Your Seasoning - sea salt, smoked paprika, garlic/salt/pepper, truffle/parm/herb
  • Pick Your Poutine - brown gravy w/mushroom, smoked cheese fondue, chef's choice
I went with sweet potato fries, seasoned with smoked paprika, and topped with brown gravy and mushroom poutine. The warm hearty gravy was great against the cloudlike poutine and the sweet potatoes. It may not be pretty, but when you take a bite you just don't care. As at Per Diem, I consider these the gourmet animal-style fries. YUM.

Jasper's Corner San Francisco
  Trio of Deviled Eggs (Large)
Green Goddess, Pickled devil, Salmon Asparagus

Alex N got the large Trio of Deviled Eggs, ranging from Green Goddess, to Pickled devil, and Salmon Asparagus. The presentation on these were stunning. They belong in a museum rather than in someone's belly. But that's half the fun. 

Jasper's Corner San Francisco
  Trio of Deviled Eggs (Small)
Green Goddess, Pickled devil, Salmon Asparagus

Rayna got the small Deviled Eggs Trio. 2/2 of my friends who got this dish enjoyed 2/3 of the eggs on it. Apparently the Pickled Devil and Green Goddess were scrumptious, but the Salmon Asparagus made them make ugly faces. I didn't try it myself, nor would I want to after seeing the faces they made. Maybe that one is better off in a museum after all.

Jasper's Corner San Francisco
Thick Cut Poutine Fries
Sea Salt & Brown Gravy with Mushroom

Rayna also went for the fries. This time they were thick cut french fries, with sea salt and brown gravy with mushroom. Her plate was just as delectable as mine!

Jasper's Corner San Francisco
Seared Tuna Steak Sandwich
Local Albacore Tuna, Iacopi Beans, Arugula, Piquillo Peppers, Olive Aioli, Mixed Greens, Deviled Egg

Becca got the Seared Tuna Steak Sandwich, with Local Albacore Tuna, Iacopi Beans, Arugula, Piquillo Peppers, Olive Aioli, Mixed Greens, and a Deviled Egg on the side. We adored the presentation, mainly for the tiny pickle staked to the sandwich!

If I were to rename Jasper's Corner Tap & Kitchen, I would call it Deviled Eggs & Poutine. They seem to be recurring culinary themes here, which is fine by me. I thoroughly enjoyed our meals, and the wide spectrum of the menu. It goes from poutine cheese curd fries, gnarly looking but finger-licking good, to pristine deviled eggs and tiny pickles atop a tuna sando. Only in San Francisco, and cheers to Mike Ransom for it.

One drawback we encountered was our curt waitress, who seemed to be having somewhat of a bad day. 

Another was the layout of the venue itself. The front was a brightly lit bar, while the back was a cramped, dimly lit restaurant. Seems to me it may make more sense the other way around. I assume this is because the bar stays open later and thus needs to be streetside, but it makes for a somewhat awkward layout. 

Overall, though, I would recommend Jasper's for those in the area and for poutine/deviled egg fiends. You will probably love it.

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Mom's BDay & 4th of July! Reno Roadtrip

For my mom's birthday and fourth of July, we had an epic roadtrip adventure to Reno, Nevada! The drive up to Reno from the bay is beautiful to the point of inspiration. Blue sky, cotton clouds, picturesque mountains and pine trees lead the way. We drove past Donner Lake and Tahoe in 100+ degree weather! Luckily, my mom knew of a great restaurant up there called Hash House A Go Go,  known for it's "twisted farm food," and where we took her for her birthday dinner. Post-dinner, we sauntered over to catch a Reno Aces Baseball game, Burning Man Firethrowers, and 4th of July Fireworks. It was an amazing trip - one that I'm excited to share with you all!

On the Road

Beautiful scenery through the Sierras

Is this real life?? Don't forget to take a break and go into nature every now and then, folks. It's easy to forget how pretty and majestic it is out there.

Welcome to Reno!

"The Biggest Little City in the World"

Epic Water Fountains at the Silver Legacy

Hash House A Go Go

For my mom's birthday, she took us to what has got to be one of the most epic restaurants in Reno: Hash House A Go-Go. Located in Harrah's Casino, Hash House -with it's "twisted farm food"- is known for it's massive portions and splended presentation. Though my mom warned us, we were not prepared for the gargantuan meal that was to follow.

Big O'Crispy Pork Tenderloin Sandwich
With Onion, Pickles, Ketchup on Whole Wheat Bun
Side Salad

My mom got the Big O'Crispy Pork Tenderloin Sandwich with a side salad. This was the biggest burger any of us had ever seen! It will be a meal for the next 3 days at least, I'm sure. The Big O'Crispy is a great example of not only the generous portions, but the astonishing presentation provided by the Hash House. It's one of those restaurants where every dish that comes out warrants "oohs" and "ahhs."

Sesame Crusted Salmon over Garlic Mashed Potatoes
Topped with Bruschetta and Rosemary
Side of Asparagus and Carrots
Sweet & Spicy BBQ Sauce

I ordered the Crispy Fresh Salmon. It was unique, tasty, and had amazing presentation. The sesame crust provided an interesting crunchy texture which is not usually encountered with silky salmon. Below, the layer of garlic mashed potatoes were spectacular- full of flavor from the garlic, yet not overpowering. The carrots were cooked but not too mushy. And my mom taught me that you can eat some of the rosemary! It had an earthy, fresh taste - similar to mint but with a different flavor. To top it all off (literally), the dish came with a goat cheese bruschetta, which really helped to lighten the taste of the hearty potatoes and sesame salmon. The whole dish was drizzled with a yummy sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. P.S. Those brown stick-like protrusions you see are angel hair pasta! 

Black Skillet Chicken over Mashed Pumpkin, Bacon 
Topped with Rosemary, Tomato and Asparagus
BBQ Sauce

Nick ordered the Black Skillet Chicken, with chili-crusted chicken breast, on pumpkin mashed with hardwood-smoked bacon, charred tomato, asparagus and BBQ sauce. Again, the presentation was exciting and interesting. As it's name suggests, the dish came on a black skillet and had a Rosemary tower erected in the center. Everything was as delicious as it sounds and looks.

AAA Baseball - Reno Aces

After the dinner, we headed to Reno's very own AAA Baseball Team - the Reno Aces. The Aces are a feeder team to the Arizona Diamondbacks, and their GM is former Giant's member Brett Butler. They have an awesome newly-renovated stadium with a giant glowing baseball frame outside.

My mom and I on her birthday!! 
My mom got us the best seats right behind home plate! The weather had dropped to a cool(er) 90 degrees by this time, and it really felt like a perfect midsummer baseball game. 

Gorgeous twilight sky over the field

Every now and then, a strike of lightning would flash about a half mile beyond the field. Just enough to be exciting, without feeling dangerous.

Post-Game Fireworks!

The Reno Aces really know how to put on a fireworks show. From colorful spheres to golden raindrops, the display lasted about 15-20 minutes and were shot out from right behind the center outfield. Even the bleacher lights were set to red, white, and blue for added patriotic ambiance.

All in all, our Reno Roadtrip was quite epic. We were exposed to   beautiful natural scenery as well as bright city lights, complete with ringing slot machines and an acrobatic show at circus circus. Hash House A Go-Go showed us some of the best food Reno has to offer - in taste, presentation, and portions. The glorious fireworks display and the exciting Aces game topped it all off! If you are in need of a summer vacation, and enjoy the bright lights of the city as well as a small town feel, Reno is a great place to visit! And be sure to stop by Hash House while you're there :)

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Father's Day Dinner at Tropisueno!

tropisueno san francisco

I know this post is a little belated, but trust me - it's worth it. For Father's Day, me and my dad went to see Iron Man 3. Before the movie, we stopped into Tropisueño,  which was downtown across the street from the theater. Luckily, we came in on a Tuesday night just before the long late dinner lines. 

Tropisueño (Spanish for "Tropical Dream"), is the rare upscale Mexican restaurant, with flavor-packed Mexican cuisine.


tropisueno san francisco
Chips & Dip

We began with the classic Chips & Dip. The red salsa was medium heat, the salsa verde in the middle was mild, and the yellow sauce? Well, let's just say dip with caution on that one. Being a spice baby, I was gobbling up the salsa verde, which was super tasty.

tropisueno san francisco
Platanos Fritos, black bean sauce and crema 

I may be a bit biased on this one, since Platanos Fritos, or "fried baby bananas" are one of my all-time favorite foods, but this dish was delectable! Platanos are like a condensed banana, so all of their flavor and sweetness is amplified. Combine that with a fried, crispy outer shell and you really cannot go wrong.

tropisueno san francisco
Crispy Flautas
Crisp corn tortillas filled with shredded chicken,
topped with salsa tomatillo and crema

The Crispy Flautas were also good, but I will be forever confused by the difference between flautas and taquitos! Their crisp corn tortillas were baked perfectly - crisp but not dry. The shredded chicken found inside was fresh and juicy rather than dry as well. 


tropisueno san francisco
 Shrimp (above), and Salmon (below)

tropisueno san francisco
 Salmón en Hoja de Platano
Salmon filet on slow cooked pasilla peppers and onions,
baked in banana leaf, tequila-ancho glaze

I ordered the Salmón en Hoja de Platano. On the left you can see the Salmon fillet on slow cooked pasilla peppers and onionsbaked in banana leaf, with a tequila-ancho glaze. On the right is the rice, refried beans, and avocado. This eastern bank of the dish turned out to be quite important, as I quickly learned just HOW spicy tequila-ancho glaze can be (hint: very). 

The fact that I find this to be one of the best salmon plates I've had, despite my love for salmon and my hesitation towards spicy foods, is testament to Tropisueño's excellent cuisine. As tasty and omega-packed as salmon is,  it can tend to taste the same everywhere you go. However, this dish had an intense, tropical flavor that was quelled only by massive amounts of refried beans and rice. My only concern was that the heat of the glaze and the peppers beneath it was not written on the menu, nor was it mentioned to me by the waiter. Since some menu items are written as being spicy, I think this one deserves a warning as well.

tropisueno san francisco
Camarones Tropisueño
Large wild shrimp, in a creamy chile de arbol
sauce finished with tequila, lime and cilantro.

Speaking of spice warnings, my dad ordered the Camarones Tropisueño, which is written on the menu as "Spicy!" Exclamation point and all. These meaty shrimp are doused in a creamy chile de arbol sauce, finished with tequila, lime and cilantro. Rice and black beans are thrown in as a life preserver so that you do not drown in the sea of spice of this dish. It is not just spicy, though. The flavors in the Camarones Tropisueño are mighty and not to be ignored. This is a great dish.

Overall Experience

Tropisueño offered us a scrumptious meal, from the appetizers to the entrees. We thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and bright colors of the food, which turned the meal into an experience to remember.

The atmosphere in this FiDi venue was comfortable yet sophisticated, with rock-filled lanterns on the table and intricate lamps on the ceiling. Large streetside windows with cloth blinders allowed for people watching without feeling vulnerable. 

Our waiter went above and beyond. When my dad asked for a drink on the menu that the waiter was unfamiliar with, he switched to a different drink. However, the waiter went on to scour the shelves for the  drink and ended up finding it for us. That's what I call good service. 

I absolutely recommend Tropisueño for a classy Mexican meal in the city. 

tropisueno san francisco

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Alphabet Dining, Letter I: Izakaya Sozai

Ramen, Bacon, Mochi, Fried Banana, Oh My!

For letter I of Alphabet Dining, I ventured to Izakaya Sozai with my friend Michelle. Izakaya Sozai is located in the Outer Sunset (read: fog), and is the perfect place for a nice warm bowl of ramen. Little did we know, we were in for a more creative menu than noodles and broth.

Bacon- Wrapped Mochi

Izakaya Sozai is known for it's ramen and it's Japanese tapas, or small plates. Their innovative menu has such things as Bacon-Wrapped Mochi, shown above. For  those unfamiliar, mochi is a gelatinous rice cake/paste. It is squishy and often seen in frozen yogurt shops as a topping. The beauty of a plate which combines bacon and mochi is the juxtaposition of mochi's gelatinous texture and subtle essence with the classic crunch and full flavor of bacon. If anything, the bacon's flavor may have been a bit too overpowering for the mochi, but I delighted in the combination of textures.

Ramen with Pork Belly and Hard Boiled Egg

Of course, I ended up ordering the Ritsu Tonkotsu Ramen, with an addition of Pork Belly. This ramen comes with noodles in a pork broth, a hard-boiled egg, seaweed, and healthy portion of green spring onions. It was a bit salty for my taste, but the pork belly was soft and flavorful, and the noodles were plentiful and hearty.

Fried Banana and Strawberry Dessert

For dessert, we got the Fried Banana with Strawberries and Chocolate Syrup. Just like the Bacon Mochi, the beauty of the fried banana is the symbiotic relationship between the fried outer crunch with the soft inner banana. Though quite ubiquitous, it's a fun, sweet dessert that you can never go wrong with.

Overall Experience

The great thing about Izakaya Sozai is they go above and beyond the minimum ramen menu. Seasonal SF trends are taken into account with the pork belly additions in the ramen. Innovative menu options like the bacon-wrapped mochi set the experience apart from other neighborhood ramen spots. Though the pork broth in the ramen was a bit salty in my opinion, I recommend Izakaya Sozai for a unique ramen experience that utilizes it's location in SF to stay trendy and different.

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SF Pride & Wing Wings

SF Pride 

Any San Francisco local will tell you it's a rarity to feel the heat of the sun for more than 5 minutes at a time, 90% of the year. We are renowned for our wind and our fog. Which makes this past weekend that much more special. Not only did the repeal of Prop 8 fall on the same weekend as the legendary SF Pride Parade, but the weekend was showered with heat and sun and the general jovial atmosphere that accompanies such a summer treat. 

City Hall - the hub of the SF Pride action! 

 Chanda and I baking in the heat!

For all my fellow Pokemon Geeks out there :P

Awaiting the floats in the heart of SF

Entrepreneurial Opportunities at the Parade - 2 for $6 Coronas

Wing Wings

After the Parade, I went home to slather my Irish skin with aloe and take a nap. For dinner, Nick and I headed out to the much hyped-up Wing Wings to see what all the fuss was about. 

Large (5 pcs) BBQ Wings

THIS is what all the fuss is about. I ordered a large plate of BBQ Wings, which came with 5 pieces of hot, flavor-packed and meaty chicken wings. The BBQ flavor is not spicy - in fact, the only really spicy wings you'll find here are the Angry Korean and the Spicy Buffalo. You can add your own hot sauce from the counter: choose from the interesting "jalapeno ginger," "moombah," and "hella hot." If I wasn't so hot and sunburned from the parade I would have tried them all. I'll have to come back on a cool day. Nevertheless, my BBQ Wings were divine just the way they were. They only took 5-10 minutes to come out, and were extremely fresh at 11:30pm. They were truly packed with BBQ flavor, and some other complimentary flavors - we even detected something along the lines of cinnamon? Whatever it was, it was amazing! 

 Buttermilk Biscuits

To be honest, I've never really warmed up to biscuits. They always leave me feeling greasy and buttery. To my surprise, the Buttermilk Biscuits at Wing Wings were to die for! They are light, fluffy, and PERFECT in combination with the saucy wings. They even drizzle some sweet brown sugar on top. YUM!

Large (5 pcs) Buffalo Wings

Nick ordered the Regular Buffalo Wings (as opposed to the spicy ones). The buffalo still had a kick to it, but it wasn't exactly spicy. He tried the jalapeno ginger sauce on one of his wings, and said that wasn't too spicy either, so I'd definitely give that a try for those who are like me and stray from the hotter side of spices. These, like everything else we tried at Wing Wings, were delectable. 

Overall Experience

For all the carnivores out there, Wing Wings is a MUST. The hype is true. The wings melt in your mouth, and I would highly recommend the buttermilk biscuits to get some carbs in with your protein for a balanced meal (not to mention some sweet with your savory)! 

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