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Giant Food Challenges at Eagle's Deli Brookline

Eagle's Deli Brookline

Tucked away in sleepy Cleveland Circle lies Eagle's Delicatessen. Though it may look like an ordinary deli, it's anything but. Eagle's was featured on the hit show Man vs. Food, and offers generous portions & solid dishes at reasonable prices. On the weekend you can find the hungry college crowd here.

Eagle's Deli

Eagle's Deli Brookline

Nick ordered the Breakfast Omelette, with came with a side of rye bread and potatoes. The flavor was decent - not life-changing but great for breakfast or brunch. I was obsessed with the colors and simple yet pleasing presentation. 

Eagle's Deli Brookline

I ordered the French Toast with fruit. Again, Eagle's doesn't put a spin on their dishes or try to do anything fancy. They keep it simple but are great at what they do. All of the ingredients are incredibly fresh and tasty, and the colors and presentation were fun.

Eagle's Deli Brookline

For those who enjoy a challenge and have a strong stomach, Eagle's is the place for you. They offer some of the most ridiculous, ginormous burger specials! Check them out below:

  • Eagle's Challenge (65.99): 6lbs of burger, 24pcs of bacon, 24pcs of american cheese, 5lbs of fries, and 1 deli pickle
  • Furious Pete ($59.99): 5lbs of burger, 20pcs of bacon, 20pcs of american cheese, 5lbs of fries, and 1 deli pickle
  • Paul Jones ($49.99): 5lbs of burger, 20pcs of bacon, 20pcs of american cheese, 5lbs of fries, 1 deli pickle
  • Reilly Burger ($39.99): 3lbs of burger, 12pcs of american cheese, 2lbs of fries, and 1 deli pickle
  • Cowabunga ($30.99): 2lbs of burger, 8pcs of american cheese, 1/2lbs of fries, and 1 deli pickle
  • Nick Lachey ($17.99): 1 1/2lbs of burger, 6pcs of swiss cheese, 6pcs of bacon, and 1/2lbs of fries
  • Godzilla ($11.99): 1lbs of burger, 4 slices of cheese, and fries

Obviously I plan on going back one day to try one of these monster specials (though I'll most likely split it with at least 3 other people)!

Eagle's has a very casual diner vibe. It's always bustling with a college crowd, and fittingly has reasonable prices with above-average menu items. Do not come here for a sophisticated chef's tasting menu, or even a spectacular brunch. Come here with expectations for a solid meal at a price that won't break the bank, and you'll walk away happy. If you're feeling courageous, try one of their epic specials (and let me know how it goes)! 

Comment Challenge: If you had to do a giant food challenge, what food would you pick?

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