Friday, February 7, 2014

Boston Alphabet Dining, Letter D: Deuxave & The Symphony!


For our one year anniversary, Nick surprised me with tickets to the symphony and an unbelievable dinner at Deuxave. The Boston Pops was performing their holiday series, complete with instrumentals and a professional actor playing out the Polar Express, as well as a holiday sing-a-long! It was a gorgeous auditory adventure. 

But the night's adventures began long before the orchestra. Leading up to the symphony, we enjoyed an amazing culinary experience at Deuxave in Boston's Back Bay! Deuxave is a swanky restaurant specializing in New American cuisine. Take a look at our ridiculous, delicious courses for the night:



“Night Moves” Scituate Lobster with Gnocchi
To start, we ordered the “Night Moves” Scituate Lobster with Gnocchi. This meal was as scrumptious as it was bright and colorful! with Potato Gnocchi, Mushrooms, Green Grapes, Curried Walnuts & Pearl Onions in a Citrus Fricassee. You know that phrase "the food of the gods?" Well, this is it.

“Night Moves” Scituate Lobster with Gnocchi
The consistency of the gnocchi was unbeatable - just the right amount of give and resistance, and the lobster was full of flavor. The pearl onions were like a crunchy candy, offering their beautiful fuchsia hue to the dish.

Duck Liver Pâté

Our next dish was the Duck Liver Pâté, which came complete with Vanilla Poached Pears, Persimmon & Pistachio Chutney, Pickled Pearl Onions, and Toasted Baguette

I'm not a fan of pâté (something about the consistency that I can't quite wrap my head around), but if you're going to have it, Deuxave is the place. Coupled with the vanilla pears, chutney, and pickled onions, all on a perfectly toasted baguette, it's an extraordinary treat.

Spiced Long Island Duck Breast

For my main, I ordered the Spiced Long Island Duck Breast. This dish was unbelievable! It consisted of Lentils du Puy with Arugula, “French Kisses,” Prune Port Gastrique, Honey Glazed Baby Turnips & Sauce Robert

Contrary to what it's name suggests, the Spiced Duck had subtle sweet hints. Coupled with the lentil du poy, each bite of duck was exquisite. I enjoyed the presentation as well - the sauce detail skewers through the prunes and turnips in a very clever way.

Tuna Tartare (Main)

Nick ordered the Tuna Tartare, which came with a side of brussel sprouts and tangerines. I loved the bright presentation of his plate - from the exciting canary yellow to the deep pink tuna, with green accents of brussel sprouts. It was a work of art.

Chocolate Truffles

We were too stuffed for a full dessert plate, but Deuxave still took care of our after-dinner sweet tooth with these adorable chocolate truffles. Bonus Points!

I absolutely recommend Deuxave for a special night out. You get high quality food and unpretentious service. Don't forget to try the lobster gnocchi!

Comment Challenge: Do you prefer fancier restaurants, or casual ones?

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  1. Hi Chelsea! What a fantastic way to celebrate your anniversary You lucky girl (hmmm...this Nick fellow is nice)! I was in Boston with my partner recently and we LOVE Boston! I hope to go back to Boston and will keep in mind the places that you feature here :)

    1. Thanks Phong! I certainly am a very lucky girl :) Let me know if you ever want specific recommendations on restaurants in Boston or SF!


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