Monday, July 14, 2014

Boston ABC Dining, Letter F: Fairstead Kitchen

fairstead kitchen

Letter F of Boston ABC Dining takes us to Fairstead Kitchen in Brookline. Situated in Washington Square, Fairstead is in an up-and-coming foodie destination in Boston. From Barcelona Wine Bar to Ribelle and The Abbey, there's a great restaurant everywhere you look in this area!

Fairstead is a unique fusion of Middle Eastern and North African cuisine. 

Fairstead Kitchen

fairstead kitchen

Croquettes: I enjoyed the presentation but preferred the consistency of the smaller croquettes from Barcelona.

fairstead kitchen

Tuna Crudo: Cool, fresh, healthy. Enjoyed this dish but would have liked a better presentation of the raw fish itself.

fairstead kitchen

Rabbit Spaetzle: This dish was essentially boiled and fried rabbit. It wasn't my favorite - either all the fried pieces were too greasy or maybe I'm just not a rabbit fan!

fairstead kitchen

Ribs: I wasn't thrilled with these for some reason. I'm used to more flavor in my ribs.

fairstead kitchen

Sweet & Sour Beef Tongue Soup. The waitress mentioned this as a special and I figured, How often do you get the chance to try something so unique? If I'm going to try something like beef tongue, I want to have it in a clean, nice restaurant in a major city like Boston. 

On to the soup: This was a great dish when you got over the whole cow tongue thing. The sweet and sour flavor of the soup is the main thing on your taste buds. I would describe the beef itself as just a bit tougher than hamburger meat. 

I love trying unique foods because when you think about it, we tend to eat the same things over and over again. Three meals a day, day after day, that's a lot of repetition. Restaurants like Fairstead Kitchen break the mold by bringing us interesting fusion cuisine, and I think that's a great thing.

Comment Challenge: What's the most unique meal you've ever had? 

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