Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Summer Jeans, Drifting Away...

This past weekend the weather in Boston cooled down just enough to wear my new obsession: these edgy and comfortable Indigo Rein Jeans! I won them in an epic giveaway by the gorgeous and talented Chanda of Pancake Stacker (she just did some fab posts on Outsides Lands in San Francisco which you should go check out)!

We went to see the final weekend of Shakespeare on the Common (Boston Common is a large park in the middle of downtown Boston). They performed Twelfth Night to a packed house, and they were amazing! Hilarious, though a little hard to follow the Old English Shakespeare. Good thing they had summaries of each act in laymen's terms in the brochure!

You can see the stage to the left of the gazebo.

They even had food trucks lined up before and during the show! The Taco Truck, Bon Me, and Ben & Jerry's showed up to our delight. 

My roommates ordered tacos and plantains from the taco truck, while I got a BBQ Pork sandwich from Bon Me (a delicious Vietnamese sando).

We all ended up caving and ordering Ben & Jerry's after our savory meals. I got the cookie dough ice cream. There's no picture because I ate it too fast! =/

Later, Nick and I took a walk around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir. It was a gorgeous day and perfect for a stroll in my new favorite jeans. 

These jeans are honestly so amazing! They felt a tad tight when I first put them on (they run small), but after walking around a bit and breaking them in, they fit like a glove. 

They are so comfortable and I got a ton of compliments wearing them! Confidence comes from within, but compliments never hurt!

As much as I love summer, just knowing these jeans are ready for me makes me excited for fall when I can wear them more often! 

Comment Challenge: What's your go-to item of clothing at the moment? Leave it in the comments below! :D


  1. <3 The jeans looks so fab on you! So glad that you like them :) Can't wait to visit you in Bahhhston.


    1. <3 <3 <3 Thanks so much they're amazing! & I actually know the city well enough to take you to cool places now! :D

  2. love those jeans! and i have a top just like that!

    1. Thanks Christina! I got the top years ago at Urban hahah did you??

  3. .'-;~'zomg my r00mie is a celebr!ty'~;-'.

    1. Hahah Kimia! I totally thought you were a spammer for a second.


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