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11 Best Gluten-Free Restaurants in Boston

Since becoming gluten-free last fall, I've made some major diet tweaks. This honestly wasn't as tough as it sounds, it just meant learning new routines, like which section of Trader Joe's and Whole Foods has the best gluten free items (I'm loving Trader Joe's g-free waffles and rice pasta, but Whole Foods is winning the g-free chip and desserts game). 

After some trial and error, I've also found some great Boston restaurants that really cater to the gluten-free more than others. This isn't meant to be a comprehensive list of gluten-free restaurants in Boston, but it's just some great examples that I've noticed in my journey so far!

1. Sonsie on Newbury

Sonsie offers a pretty extensive and scrumptious gluten-free menu, which includes pizza and dessert items (foods that can be tough to find without flour). It's location on Newbury is also ideal for those who love to shop and stroll in Boston.

2. Myers and Chang

Myers & Chang also went out of their way to add a gluten free menu to their Taiwanese and Southeast Asian venue. They offer everything from rice bowls, to ginger scallion bok choy, sweet and sour brussels sprouts, and Thai ginger chicken salad.

3. Area 4

The baker at Area 4 is actually gluten free, which for us meant gluten free donuts were on the menu! Check for their daily specials and you won't be disappointed. They also offer these amazing egg dishes in skillets for brunch, which are gluten free and absolutely scrumptious. 

4. Davio's

Davio's in Back Bay offers gluten free brunch, lunch and dinner. I've ordered their gluten free pizzas for lunch, and they're a bit greasy but still good. They also have an extensive g-free dinner list that includes all kinds of pasta, which is exciting because pasta is one of those things that are hard to re-create without wheat flour.

5. Seasons 52 

Season's 52 also boasts an extensive gluten-free menu, including flatbreads, scallops and risotto, chicken skewers, and desserts. Their menu changes seasonally so you'll have new g-free options to try every few months!

6. Flour

Flour is an amazing, super healthy and fresh venue that offers incredibly delicious sandwiches with gluten-free bread, as well as really good g-free salads (their chopped Greek salad is a must-try). I also recently learned that their sandwiches (like my favorite - roasted chicken, mashed avocado and jicama), can be turned into incredible salads! So instead of a bun, they add your sandwich toppings to a bed of fresh mixed greens - how healthy and delicious is that!

7. El Pelon & Anna's Taqueria

El Pelon & Anna's Taqueria are quickly rising in the ranks as my favorite Mexican spots in Boston.They both have corn tortillas, so you can request to get your enchiladas or quesadillas in a corn tortilla and voila - it's gluten-free!

8. Burger Joints: Wahlburgers, Tasty Burger, & B.Good

Wahlburgers, Tasty Burger and B.Good are all Boston burger places that have phenomenal g-free buns. Wahlburgers actually has a ton of gluten-free items, and they even have a designated kitchen area for these items (so you don't have to worry about cross-contamination). Their sweet potato tater tots are a must-try!

9. Lone Star

So Lone Star doesn't have a g-free menu, but they don't really need one as most of their menu items (tacos, corn on the cob) are on corn tortillas and without gluten by default. 

10. BBQ Venues: Red Bones, Sweet Cheeks, Fogo de Chao
These meat-based restaurants tend to be a safe bet. Just be sure to steer clear of any mac & cheese sides, and ask your server if the sauces were made with flour (many of these dishes still taste great sans sauce)!

11. Seafood Venues: B&G Oysters, Sushi Restaurants
Seafood and sushi restaurants tend to be gluten-free since they revolve more around protein (fish, oysters, scallops), and rice. Just beware of those pasta seafood dishes, and many sure any noodles are rice-based!

Hope you find this list helpful! I'm sure there are more gluten free restaurants in Boston, and I can't wait to find them! 

Comment Challenge: Did I leave out your fave gluten-free venue? Leave it in the comments below so we can all check it out!

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