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Audubon Boston Review

audubon boston review

I can't stress this enough - service is so important to me when dining out! It's my number one pet peeve, hands down. Patrons leave their house and pay more money to be taken care of at a restaurant. In the past I've served as a barista for Blue Bottle coffee and know how customers should be treated, so I have pretty low tolerance for rudeness from waitstaff. 

This certainly isn't our first time eating here. You may remember my previous post on Audubon Boston, which was filled with pickled veggies and spicy mussels. We've been here a handful of times, and usually the service is knowledgeable and pleasant, so I was surprised when right off the bat, our server was less-than-friendly. 

I'm not a fan of crab, so I asked if the shrimp and crab risotto was pre-made at all. She made a face as if to say "of course not," yet when I asked for it to come without crab she said she didn't think that would be possible. When I started to inquire why it wouldn't be possible since it's not pre-made, she literally cut me off and said "I'll just have to check on that. I don't know, I'll just have to check," and proceeded to walk away. Rude! 

She ended up returning saying it was in fact pre-made (no apologies), so I decided to go with the burger instead (with gluten-free bun, which is a plus at least)! However, when I ordered my burger I asked for it to be cooked medium. Right before she left our table she said "ok great, medium-well!" So I corrected her to have it be cooked medium. It came back well-done. Like, extremely well-done! It was charred on the outside and dark on the inside. 

When I brought this up to her, instead of apologizing or even looking at my plate, she just took the plate and said she'll bring another one. At this point my boyfriend had practically finished his food, and I had to wait for an entirely new burger to be cooked. The fact that she didn't even acknowledge the inconvenience or feign empathy was disappointing from a customer standpoint. Yes, she took the plate without question, but it definitely felt like it was just a bare minimum of effort. It felt like she was having a palpably bad day, and your customers should just not feel that while dining. 

That said, the back patio itself was warm and lovely, the host was extremely friendly. I have not given up on Audubon as our other experiences there were so pleasant.

audubon boston review

To start, we ordered the honey-jalapeno glazed wings with a side of dill dressing. These were delicious and not too spicy.

audubon boston review

The kale salad is always good here, with butternut squash, red onion, almonds, yogurt dressing, and parmesan. Super fresh and healthy, what's not to love?

audubon boston review

Here's where the meal went a bit south. My medium burger came out super well-done, bummer!

audubon boston review

Yes, I was actually able to wear a dress and my Bearpaw sandals on this warm day!

audubon boston review

How pretty are these colorful flowers in full bloom!

audubon boston review

We headed to 16 Handles (which I believe is a play on Sixteen Candles but I can't think of the connection?) for some delish fro-yo! I got Salted Caramel, Chocolate Caramel Crunch, and my ultimate favorite - Cinnamon Rice Pudding! I added chocolate chips, sprinkles, and strawberries, so it's basically a healthy snack, right?

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Comment Challenge: Have you ever encountered less-than-friendly service while dining?

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