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Blogging Behind the Scenes: How to Fake a Marble Flatlay

How to Fake a Marble Flatlay Blog
Marble Adhesive from Amazon 

Long, long ago I was a Blue Bottle barista. One day on the job, I got out a roll of quarters and bopped it on the edge of the counter to get it open. The manager came over in a frenzy and said "Stop, stop! Do you know how much this marble countertop cost?" I said nope, and he told me they shelled out $10,000 for it. 

These days, the flatlay is a crucial part of blogging and curating a flawless Instagram feed. From makeup, to clothes, recipes, and jewelry, this type of post is meant to showcase your products in a spectacular birds-eye view. Some choose to stage their flatlays on a white shaggy rug (see below), but many opt for the modern and sleek look of a marble backdrop.

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I don't know about you, but I'm not shelling out 10 big ones for a flatlay background. My blog sponsorships are just not quite there yet! Our apartment actually has marble but it's the wrong kind - a dark gray. Everyone knows that social media favors light, bright backgrounds! Luckily, I recently found an affordable and easy way around this, and I figure some of you may be interested in the process!

How to Fake a Marble Flatlay Blog
Kate Spade impulse buy (no regrets)

Marble Flatlay Materials Needed

  • Marble Adhesive - I bought this one on Amazon Prime for $16.99 and I'm way beyond satisfied with how the photos turned out (see finished product below). It is also very easy to work with, as it can be unpeeled from the board if stuck to the wrong place, but still sticky enough to get the job done. There was a ton of adhesive left over to add to a side table or desk too! I'm still deciding where to put it. 
  • Foam Board - Pretty much any decently-sized board will do, but I went with a 16 x 20 inch board similar to this one from Blick's.
  • Scissors
  • Any type of credit card (see my Lindt rewards card above, definitely my most-used card, don't judge)

Steps to Creating Marble Flatlay (Total time = 5 - 10 minutes)

1. Place foam board on flat surface.
2. Peel off a small section (1-2 inches) of the marble adhesive and carefully stick to the foam board.
3. Gently run a credit card over the marble adhesive to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles.
4. Continue unrolling the marble, stopping every few inches to smooth out with the card.
5. Once the board is fully covered in marble adhesive, cut it like wrapping paper, fold and stick over the edges of the board.

My first shot with my newfound marble countertop is below. Think anyone will ever know the difference? You be the judge!

How to Fake a Marble Flatlay Blog

For the record, totally using these hair products from OGX on repeat. They smell like summer and happiness!

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Comment Challenge: What are your favorite flatlay backgrounds?

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