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How to Make a Media Kit for Bloggers

How to Make a Media Kit for Bloggers

Blogging is highly monetizable these days. From sponsored blog posts, social media ads and site banners, you can make a decent amount from brands with a blogger / marketing budget. It's not uncommon for these brands to ask you for a media kit when discussing a possible collaboration. 

So whether you're reaching out to brands or they're finding you, it's important to be prepared with a media kit so you look professional and get the rates you deserve! Be sure to include the following in your media kit.

How to Make a Media Kit for Bloggers

How to Make a Media Kit for Bloggers

Clear, high-resolution images which show off your work
Such as outfits of the day for a fashion blogger, delicious recipes if you're a food blogger, scenic views for a travel focus, and beauty images for beauty bloggers.

Bio / Introduction
Briefly introduce yourself and your blog. Include anything that sets you apart - Do you speak multiple languages? Hire professional photographers? Have highly engaged readers? You can also include your target market here. This is important because brands want to make sure you're both targeting the same niche. 

Blog / Social Stats 
Now's not the time to be modest! Play up your social media followers, blog stats, and list previous brands you've worked with. 

Offer pricing for everything from social posts, to blog posts, to banner ads and contextual links on your site. You can also include a disclaimer that says you are open to discuss these prices, but it's good to start from somewhere.

Get started with a FREE media kit template below, or contact me at if you'd like me to create one for you!

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