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Cafe ArtScience Review

Cafe ArtScience Review Cambridge

A couple of weeks ago, I was lucky enough to attend a very useful pop-up class from Society of Grownups which took place at a venue I've been wanting to visit for quite some time - Cafe ArtScience in Cambridge. Stay tuned for more on this super fun and educational class, and see my previous post on Society of Grownups in the meantime! 

Cafe ArtScience is truly an entrancing work of art. It's a modern venue which is linked to Le Laboratoire. Founded in Paris and now situated in Cambridge, Le Lab is an interdisciplinary culture lab, meaning it invites visitors to explore cutting-edge experiments from artists, designers, chefs, and the like. Its founder, Harvard Professor David Edwards, has created modern innovations such as edible wrapping and olfactory communication (both of which I suddenly need to seek out ASAP)! 

If that doesn't impress you enough, Cafe ArtScience Chef Patrick Campbell was Chef de Cuisine at No 9 Park and Executive Chef at Eastern Standard before coming here. If you're not from Boston, let me fill you in: Those are two ginormous names in the restaurant scene here!

You can imagine what all of this translates to in a cafe menu. Read on to see what concoctions we explored for dinner at Cafe ArtScience.

Cafe ArtScience Review Cambridge

Cafe ArtScience Review Cambridge

To start, I had the Brussels Sprout Salad, with buffalo mozzarella, red wine poached pear, celeriac, Calabrian chili, and chestnut brown butter. Everything was so delicious (especially the butter), but the chili was a little too strong for my sore throat that night and made me cough like crazy! I can't wait to go back and try it again.

Cafe ArtScience Review Cambridge

For my entree, I got the Prime Hangar Steak with young garlic, baby beets, roasted potatoes and coffee jus. The steak was tender and delicious, and the sauce was phenomenal. 

Cafe ArtScience Review Cambridge

For dessert, I noshed on the Al Paco 66% Dark Chocolate Mousse with huckleberry gel, crushed hazlenuts, and coffee chantilly. Since it was a mid-week dinner, all of these coffee ingredients were very welcomed. I love dark chocolate (even the 100% ones), so this was right up my ally. 

Cafe ArtScience Review Cambridge

How cool are these applesauce squares! They were chewy and sweet, such fun little bites!

Cafe ArtScience Review Cambridge

Love the Happy Birthday message they added for Elissa! She ordered the Tahitian Vanilla Bean Cheesecake, with graham crust, candied peanuts, and concord grape ice cream. Love the presentation on this one!

All in all it was an exciting adventure to see what the team at Cafe ArtScience did with each dish we had. The ingredients were so innovative, like the wine poached pear which looked like a beet but had the texture of a pear. It was a little confusing to process, but that just made the plate that much funner! 

No matter how creative they get with any of the ingredients, the team makes sure that they all work cohesively on the plate for a well-balanced dish. They make it look easy but you know it probably isn't! It's one of those venues where you want to go back and try everything on the menu, because each plate has its own personality. 

The only con was that the food did take a while to arrive, though they sent out those applesauce bites to make up for it. I would definitely recommend a trip here for a special occasion and for those who have an adventurous palate. 

Comment Challenge: Do you like modern restaurants? What do you think of innovative dining? 

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