Thursday, February 2, 2017

Classy with Klasse14 Watch

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Happy February everyone! How has your year been so far? 2017 has been filled with so many crazy changes and I'm trying to balance fighting for what I believe in with finding peace and happiness in each day. If you follow me on Instagram then you know I recently went to a fun event celebrating The Godfrey Hotel Boston's 1 year anniversary and the opening of its new restaurant Ruka, which is a Peruvian-Japanese fusion venue! Stay tuned for that post soon. Another delish finding is the cutest Japonaise cafe in Brookline, with its gluten-free mochi ice cream and Totoro-shaped pastries (seen above).

One source of peace and enjoying the moment lately has come from an unlikely source: analog watches. I feel like almost everything in our world revolves around the digital, and it's really nice to look down and interact with the grinding gears and ticking hands of a watch. I especially love Klasse14 watches (use code "cdusa" at checkout for 12% off), since they have so many fun and unique watch faces while still looking very classy, sleek and modern. In fact, their motto is to be "ordinarily unique," which fits their collection perfectly.




I went with the Volare Iris Rose Burgundy model, designed by Mario Nobile. The frame and face are rose gold, my favorite metal since it's more subdued than classic gold, and the strap is a versatile Italian leather burgundy which I will be able to wear for countless falls and winters to come.

Volare is Italian for "fly," and Mario's collection is inspired by the endless freedom of a flying eagle. The hands of the watch are even bent so as to embody the wings of an eagle in flight, and thus the face of the watch dips down into a conic shape to complement the handsHow unique and inspiring is that? 

Be sure to check out the many collections of Klasse14 watches, including other favorites of mine such as the RainbowSartoria, and some of the CUTEST minimal bangles. I even scored a discount code for you all - use code "cdusa" at checkout for 12% off of your entire Klasse14 purchase!

Comment Challenge: Do you wear analog watches? Which is your favorite?


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