Saturday, April 29, 2017

Blush Lace Dress

*Note: This is a sponsored post which contains affiliate links, which means if you purchase any of these super cute items I will get a teeny tiny commission. All opinions are my own. Photos by Icy Li Photography.

Dress: c/o Chic Wish | Bow Heels: c/o Rialto 

In true New England fashion, Boston weather has been see-sawing between torrential downpours and vitamin-D-filled summery days (which this blush lace dress is beyond perfect for). Despite the weather shifts, those who follow my Instagram stories know that I've been going to more and more blogger events lately, which is so fun! I love connecting with other bloggers and trying out the latest and greatest restaurants in the city. 

This past week, I did a shoot for some exciting projects (stay tuned!), tried Davios' new brunch (tons of gluten-free options!!), checked out a preview of the Tamo Tiki Tuesday terrace menu (think: Mai Tais in a tiki mug), attended the opening of the Barking Crab summer tent! Whew - and that's on top of my day job! But when you love it, it doesn't even feel like work, right?

Blush Lace Dress

This weekend really feels like spring / summer again, and luckily I have the perfect spring blush lace dress c/o Chic Wish at the ready! 

There are so many aspects of this dress to love, from the blush color (trending this season), dainty and intricate floral lace, and structured detailing at the top and on the sleeves. Plus, it's currently on sale so grab it while the price is right (less than $65)! 




Can we just talk about these bow heels from Rialto for a second? The satin bows are so cute it hurts, and the black shade means they go with nearly everything and are officially chic. Plus, they're some of the most comfortable heels ever! 


Dress: c/o Chic Wish | Bow Heels: c/o Rialto 

This outfit is the epitome of my style: cute, girly, & preppy. I'm trying to get better about honing in on my style and expressing that in my outfits (another great example is this powder blue cold shoulder ruffle dress). Honestly, if it were socially acceptable for me to wear this outfit everywhere I would! I've linked similar items below so feel free to shop the look! 

Comment Challenge: What outfit embodies your style to a T?

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