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Blue Lace Dress and Petite Trench Coat

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Blue Lace Dress: Express | Petite Trench Coat: Express

Can you tell that I've got spring and summer on the mind? I've been donning all of my fave dresses lately, and this blue lace dress and petite trench coat combo is officially one of my all-time favorite outfits. This dress is so posh and pretty, while the trench offers a classic layer that reminds me of my ultimate style icon - Audrey Hepburn. She dons a petite trench coat with a dress in Breakfast at Tiffany's, showcasing its timeless sophistication. 

Blue Lace Dress and Petite Trench Coat


This classic petite trench coat is so versatile - its color goes with literally every outfit, it's waterproof in case of spring rain (which is more than likely in New England), and it's lightweight enough to wear on a less-than-freezing day (aka it's a step above our puffy snow coats)! I love the chestnut brown buttons too, and the price is great for a trench at less than $130. It also comes in black

This coat automatically makes any outfit chic and sophisticated, which is so key for a girl boss who's always on the move!

Petite Trench Coat


On to this powder blue lace dress (such a steal at $61)! It might just be the most perfect dress ever, and I'm tempted to get it in another color too! I adore everything from the cut-outs on the side, to the romantic lace and powder blue color. It's chic and lightweight enough to wear into the heart of summer, so you know you'll be getting your cost-per-wear ratio! 
White Saddle Bag: Similar here, here, and here


Blue Lace Dress

This is the elusive outfit that is romantic enough for a date night, fun enough for a girl's weekend, and sophisticated enough for formal events. I say it's a win-win-win, and I like to think that Audrey would approve!

Comment challenge: Who is your style icon?

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