Sunday, June 11, 2017

Weekend in Montreal: What To Do

As a follow-up to my recent Weekend Travel Guide to Montreal, here's a more in-depth post on sights and activities to check out during your stay. Enjoy!

Weekend in Montreal: What To Do

1. Hike Up Mont Royal


Mont Royal is cool because it's in the middle of the city, right next to downtown Montreal. The elevation is about 760 feet, so it's easily walkable, and the view at the summit is more than worth the trek up. 

2. Shop + Stroll in Plateau


Once at the top of Mont Royal, we used Google Maps to find trails down the backside of the mountain, which lets us out in the hip Plateau area. For anyone who's been to San Francisco, Plateau reminded me of Haight Street in almost every way. Young crowd - some punk, lots of boutiques, street art, smoke shops and places to eat. I ended up getting a cute Montreal tote and v-neck here. I also left my phone in a dressing room here, and luckily realized it when I was only a block away so it was still in the shop when I went back.

3. Visit Notre Dame


Notre Dame is right next to the cute, touristy Old Montreal and definitely worth a stop. The architecture is nothing less than epic, inside and out. 

4. Shop + Stroll in Old Montreal

Cobblestone streets, boutiques, and cute cafes make up Old Montreal. It can be on the touristy side, but still worth a visit for the sights and old European feel.

5. Shop at Marche Atwater

Marche Atwater is a local farmer's market that's bustling with people, flowers, and good eats. You can tell this is a spot where the locals go, which is always the best place to be. We got delicious gluten-free macaroons here, as well as some fresh produce for the drive back to Boston.

6. Shopping Downtown

Downtown Montreal has a lot of great shopping, and many of the shops are connected in a giant underground mall (which makes sense since the weather isn't always the best). I got a cute skirt and white jeans from Simons here (reminded me of a larger H&M). US dollars go farther here, so everything is a little cheaper than usual for those using the US dollar. There's an option at most check-outs to pay either in Canadian or US dollars which is pretty handy!

7. Botanical Gardens

I also wanted to visit the Botanical Gardens but literally just forgot. We wouldn't have had time on this trip anyway since they're a bit further away from downtown, but if you have more time I've heard that's another great spot to check out!

Comment Challenge: Have you been to Montreal? What was your favorite activity there?


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