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My First Spray Tan Ever at Skin Spa NY Back Bay

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I'm so excited to share my very first spray tan experience with you all from Skin Spa New York on Newbury Street! One thing Boston and San Francisco have in common is that it's hard to get a tan in either place! SF is mostly chilly and foggy year-round, and Boston has an excessive amount of snowy winter months (though the summers are amazing)! When I was living in LA it was easier to get a natural tan since you were just out in the sun pretty much year-round. 


I'm not a fan of tanning beds since my dad used to work in skin pathology, so I would hear horror stories about tanning beds and getting too many sunburns! I love that there's an alternative solution - spray tans! Skin Spa New York takes it one step further / healthier since their spray tans are all organic and with natural ingredients, so you're not putting a bunch of random chemicals on your body.


Their chic, relaxing waiting room offers magazines, complimentary beverages and exposed brick interiors. 


Step 1: Body Buff

Before the spray tan, they exfoliate you to remove any dead skin cells. This helps the tan stick to the skin better and last longer. It basically feels like a great massage with exfoliating beads.


Step 2: Spray Tan 

The spray tan itself only takes a few minutes and is done manually. The esthetician uses a tool that's kind of like an air brush. 

Step 3: Wait 

For at least 8 hours after the spray tan, you're instructed not to wear tight clothing, shower or perspire. When you do shower, a bunch of the brown spray will wash off, leaving a more natural and smooth tan! 

Above: Before and after of the spray tan!

Step 4: Enjoy!

I'm so pleased with my tan and have gotten so many compliments on it! Skin Spa New York uses a brown colored base so that it comes out looking super natural (as opposed to orange)! Everyone has been surprised that it's a spray tan! We went out for Cinco de Mayo the next day and I felt so cute. Apparently they only last about 5 days, so people usually get them for a special occasion like a wedding or a trip. They're great for the start of summer when you haven't gotten any color yet!


Thanks so much to my esthetician Shawna! 

Link to dress & heels


The Pros & Cons of Spray Tanning from Skin Spa New York

Now that I'm a spray tan veteran, I feel qualified to pass on the pros and cons of spray tanning that I've experienced!


Healthier Option: Avoid dangerous tanning beds, sunburns, and skin damage - from cosmetic problems such as wrinkles, to more serious things like cancer. Touchy subject but it's a real danger, folks!

Natural Color: It can vary depending on where you go, but I can vouch that Skin Spa New York has a brown-based spray tan so you won't come out looking like a carrot! I don't have any filters on any of these images so this is the real color of the tan that I got on day 1 (it fades gradually over time).

Organic Ingredients: Taking the healthy option one step further, the spray they use at Skin Spa NY is all organic and uses natural ingredients, so you're not putting a bunch of horrible random chemicals on your body!

Body Buff: The body buff you get prior to the spray tan is basically a nice massage and exfoliating session, so it's super relaxing and leaves your skin glowing and soft.

Friendly Staff: I kept thinking back to that terrifying Friends episode where Ross Geller went into the automated spray tan booth and turned the wrong way so he got way too dark of a tan! The spray at Skin Spa NY is manually done by an aesthetician (kind of like an airbrush), so it's tailored to you and you can't accidentally turn the wrong way and pull a Ross Geller!

Link to dress


Temporary: These spray tans usually last an average of 5 days. You really get them for a special occasion like a wedding or a weekend trip rather than a constant tan which is a bummer. But it's great for the start of summer so you can look great and gradually get real color out in the sun!

Pricey: I'll be honest - they're not cheap! They run about $80, but you really do get what you pay for. From the healthy, organic ingredients to the body buff / massage, chic atmosphere and friendly staff, it's definitely worth it to treat yourself to this every now and then!


To be completely transparent, I was so nervous going in to get the spray tan. I was afraid it would look orange or fake or rub off on everything, but it turned out perfect! I loved how the color turned out natural and it didn't rub off at all - the pros vastly outweighed the cons! I've been getting so many compliments the past few days and recommending it to everyone I've talked to. I definitely recommend Skin Spa New York for a much healthier alternative to tanning beds to get that summer glow! 

Have you ever gotten a spray tan? What was your experience like?


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