Friday, February 15, 2013

B is for Boarding?

Our snow boards on the ski lift
My Burton baby on the right. Ski lifts are terrifying.

Mini Vacation - Reno, NV

*Update March 2013: Alphabet Dining, Letter B is completed! Bistro Central Parc, Fancy French Birthday Dinner - read it here!

   So a couple weekends ago I took a road trip up to Reno for a much-needed mini vacay. We did some boarding at  Mt. Rose and I got to visit my mom in Sparks. It was a blast, but unfortunately that weekend also coincided with Alphabet Dining, letter B. So I will have to make that up later in the year. For now, B will have to stand for (snow) boarding.



  1. There should be a guest writer to cover your absent at the restaurant ;-)

  2. Great idea!! Think I know just the person.


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