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Craftsman & Wolves

Delish Green Tea Cake, Roasted Tofu Sandwich, and classic Mac & Cheese
Delish Green Tea Cake, Roasted Tofu Sandwich, and classic Mac & Cheese

Craftsman & Wolves - The Mission

     Not to be overly dramatic or anything, but I'm pretty sure coming here changed my whole life. Craftsman & Wolves is actually best known for it's staple the "Rebel Within," which is essentially a muffin with an egg inside and sounds too good to be true. Unfortunately, those are so popular that they were sold out around noon the day I was there. Will obviously have to come back for that another day, but I still got to see and eat some of the most amazing food to date!

I swear I know how to rotate photos! I liked this angle better. Really.

     My friend and I came here for a late Sunday lunch on a beautiful day in the city. The Mission is a great place to go on a nice day because whatever the weather is like in any other part of the city at a given time, the Mission will be twice as warm and twice as sunny. This day was no exception.

Eclaires - Caramel + Chocolate (L) and Hazlenut + Vanilla (R)
Eclaires - Caramel + Chocolate (L) and Hazlenut + Vanilla (R)

      Waiting in line, I almost bought every single thing I saw. I mean, just look at those eclaires. Caramal + chocolate? Hazlenut + vanilla?? Beyond tempting. 

(L) Milk chocolate, vanilla ricotta tart, lavender semolina crumbs; (R) Lime, almond toasted meringue tart
(L) Milk chocolate, vanilla ricotta tart, lavender semolina crumbs; (R) Lime, almond toasted meringue tart

     Don't even get me started on these pastries. They kind of look too pretty to eat. On the left are milk chocolate and vanilla ricotta tarts, sprinkled with lavender semolina crumbs. On the right you see the lime and almond toasted meringue tarts. You can see in the shading that they're toasted but not burnt. Currently making a mental note to come back for these, along with the Rebel Within.

fruit pate
Fruit Pate

     As if those bites weren't tempting enough, when you make it to the cash register you see these adorable seasonal fruit pates!

Our Meal

roasted tofu sandwich
Roasted Tofu Sandwich, with fresh sprouts and pickled radishes, on a nori bun

     Remember earlier when I said this lunch changed my life? This Roasted Tofu Sandwich in particular is what I was referring to. Up until then, I had never had a roasted tofu sandwich in my life. I didn't even know that was a thing. But now I wish it was everywhere. 
     Every ingredient, from the nori-wheat bread (made in-house), to the sprouts, pickled radishes, and side of pickled carrots, was extremely fresh and delicious. The carrots and radishes were crisp, and being a pickle-lover myself I appreciated the decision to pickle the veggies. Their tangy flavor fit perfectly against the austere roasted tofu and nori-wheat bread.
     Aside from being delicious, it was such a healthy meal! This made it even better. And I had tons of energy for hours after the sandwich. I cannot recommend this enough.

green tea matcha cake
Green Tea Matcha cake

     My friend ordered their Dong Ding Oolong tea (closest they have to green), and the green tea matcha cake. She also got their classic macaroni and cheese, shown below.

mac and cheese
Macaroni and cheese topped with grilled chicken

     The picture makes it look smaller, but you get the idea. Her classic mac & cheese came topped with grilled chicken and was delicious. Warm and creamy, mixed with the protein from the chicken, it was a great comfort-food meal. Very different from my plate but amazing in it's own category. 


     The ambiance in C & W was just like the sandwich I ordered - bright and fresh, with a kick. They have big open windows to let in the beautiful Mission sunlight. On the walls are quirky and uplifting quotes like the one shown above (my favorite of the bunch). As I noshed on my sandwich, truly content, I looked around at the parchment quotes and wondered how often they changed them, and whose job it was - the cook? The cashier? Is there a special quote-finder they hire?
     I'll have to find out next time I come in. And there will be a next time! It will be before noon so I can hopefully catch a Rebel Within egg muffin before they sell out.

As always,
Thanks for reading + Happy eating!

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  1. This sounds amazing!! I wanna go when you get the egg muffin!

    1. Yay!! Definitely :) We can go for brunch next time you're in the city!

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  3. Nice site - makes me wish I lived by the Bay myself. This restaurant Craftsmen and Wolves sounds amazing and really unique. I've had roasted tofu before but never heard of nori-wheat bread. Thanks for joining my site - hope you enjoy reading.

    1. Thank you Edward! Yeah I was pleasantly surprised by C&W :D

  4. A lovely place that serves great food!

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