Sunday, April 28, 2013

Maven SF | Lower Haight

Maven Restaurant San Francisco
Oysters on the Half Shell, Chinatown Duck Sliders, and Roast Suckling Pig

     I always love when a dining experience feels like an adventure - achieved with unique plates, fun flavors and a comfortable ambiance. Dining at Maven is a great example of such a culinary adventure.

Maven Restaurant

Maven Restaurant San Francisco
Our 2nd floor view

     Maven SF is comfortable yet hip, romantic yet fun. I came here on a Friday date night with my boyfriend Nick, and we chose to sit upstairs where we got a great view of the restaurant! I loved looking down at the scenery - from the beautiful brightly colored lamps, to the green tapestry above the bar, and all the trendy patrons in between.

The Food 

Maven Restaurant San Francisco
Oysters on the Half Shell w/ lemon and sauce finadene

      We started with these gorgeous Oysters on the Half Shell. They were cool, fresh and invigorating. The sauce finadene that came as a topper was light and flavorful.

Maven Restaurant San Francisco
Chinatown Duck Sliders, w/ shiitake, chinese greens, bacon

          Next came these flavorful Chinatown Duck Sliders, adorned with shiitake mushrooms, "chinese greens" (I'm assuming Bok Choy?), and bacon. What a great melting pot of flavors. This was Nick's first time tasting duck, and I'm pretty sure he's sold on it now. That should give you an idea of how good these sliders were. Full of flavor, and with healthy greens. The duck itself was delicious and juicy - not at all too chewy. Loved them!

Maven Restaurant San Francisco
Roast Suckling Pig w/ earl grey prune, maitake, artichoke, and mashed potatoes

     Finally, we rounded out our meal with the hearty Roast Suckling Pig, which came with earl grey prunes, maitake mushrooms, artichoke, and mashed potatoes. We both enjoyed this plate as well. I don't care for mushrooms or prunes, but the artichoke, mashed potatoes, and pork were absolutely delicious.  

Overall Experience

     We had a great time at Maven. The food was delicious and prompt, even on a Friday night and with a full house. Our table on the upstairs level had it's own hostess/waitress, and she was delightfully friendly and knowledgeable. To tie the experience together, the lovely ambiance set a trendy, romantic mood to the dinner.

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  1. Thanks for coming in!!! Glad you had a good time!

    1. Hey Isaac!! It was PERFECT. Thank YOU for your amazing food & for stopping by my blog. So exciting! :D We'll definitely be back again soon for more noms!!


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