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Exploratori-YUM | Seaglass Restaurant

Freshly-Shucked Oysters, Fauxnagi, Pizza w/ Egg
Freshly-Shucked Oysters, Fauxnagi, Pizza w/ Egg

Seaglass | Exploratorium

Michelle & I with the gorgeous Bay Bridge backdrop

     Last week my friend Michelle and I went to check out the new Exploratorium venue at Pier 15. We were not prepared for the awesomeness of the venue, but even more of a pleasant surprise was the restaurant inside the museum! For those of you who are unfamiliar, the Exploratorium is a San Francisco museum specializing in eye-opening exhibits on science - everything from plants, animals, space, gravity, senses - the list goes on and on. It's a fun place to learn about the world we live in.
     It's also a fun place for your sense of taste! 
     Fresh Oyster & Sushi Bar

       Seaglass Restaurant is set up cafeteria-style: the best cafeteria you've ever been to. I grabbed a tray and asked the chef for "3 oysters, please!" She shucked them right in front of me, as I ordered them. These have got to be the freshest oysters I will ever have! I absolutely loved the presentation of the ice, seaweed, oysters, lemons, and giant fish swimming in the ice, not to mention those gorgeous blue orbs. It really got you in the marine, seafood mood. Everything was spotless, fresh and clean. Very appetizing.

Hammersley Inlet Oysters on the Half Shell

     As expected, these were the freshest oysters I've ever tasted. Cool and refreshing, these Hammersley Inlet Oysters were placed on a lovely blue transparent dish. It was like eating as Ocean Royalty.

Fresh Sushi Bar

     Next, I moved down the line to the fresh sushi bar. Here I ordered a roll of Fauxnagi + Avocado Sushi, a twist on the classic Unagi + Avocado. The sushi chef was incredibly fast. It was a feast for your eyes to watch him in action. He made my roll in about 45 seconds.

Fauxnagi + Avocado

     As a huge unagi fan, I was curious to see how the fauxnagi fared at Seaglass. I was shocked at how good it was! There were sweet accents in it which were great against all the rice and buttery avocado. I got so excited urging Michelle to taste one that I dropped my chopsticks. Whoops! 

Carbonara Pizza!

     Lastly, Michelle and I split a personal Carbonara Pizza. This was absolutely delicious! It consisted of  pancetta, onions, and a sunny side-up egg. I loved that the dough was chewy (not a big fan of thin crust), and the egg was runny and perfect. The warm pizza was a great offset to the cool, refreshing oysters.

Our Exploratorium Stamps

Overall Experience

     We thoroughly enjoyed Seaglass. They spared no expense when it came to the Exploratorium food. Our dinner was fresh, unique and delicious. The beautiful presentation was the cherry on top, and solidified the oceanic ambiance. If you're curious, check out the Exploratorium's website!

Beautiful wooden structure outside the venue



  1. Looks like a great restaurant! I'm kind of a light weight when it comes to sushi, but I'll try anything. The carbonara pizza looks incredible, runny eggs make anything taste better!

    Looks like a great restaurant!

    1. It was such a pleasant foodie surprise!! No shame in being a lightweight - willingness to try is most important :) That carbonara definitely tops my all-time pizza list!! Thanks for stopping by as always :D

  2. Oh! I am quite jealous of your experience. It seems a great and a must visit restaurant. If only I were somewhere near, I will surely give this place a visit and try their food especially their sushi.


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