Saturday, June 8, 2013


     It was a hot summer's day in May. After strolling around farmer's markets and listening to local bands covering the classics, Nick and I decided to make an effort to find a good place for lunch. We settled on Opa!, a traditional Greek restaurant in Walnut Creek, and we were not disappointed.

The Food

 Grilled Solomos

     Nick ordered the Grilled Solomos, which is a grilled salmon filet on a bed of sautéed spinach, finished with Greek oregano and lemon-infused olive oil. It was served with Greek wedge potatoes and grilled roma tomatoes
     This light and healthy meal was a delight on such a warm summer day. The salmon was surprisingly juicy (they can easily turn dry), and the wedge potatoes were very tasty as well. 

Gyro Pita

     I ordered the Gyro Pita, which is a traditional blend of marinated lamb & beef gyro meat seasoned in special herbs and spices, topped with Tzatziki (cucumber yogurt) sauce and garnished with tomatoes, onions and mint. Served with a side of seasoned fries and aioli dip
     Needless to say, this meal definitely satisfied my hunger. Opa! is generous with their portions and their flavors. I especially enjoyed the fresh ingredients and flavor combinations of my gyro. The hearty lamb and beef is offset by the fresh roma tomatoes and cool Tzatziki sauce. The fries were seasoned well and I enjoyed the dipping sauce they came with.

Overall Experience

     We enjoyed our meal at Opa! The only thing of note to improve upon would be the service. The staff was friendly, but the food took quite a while to come out. We also noticed that a family who came in after us got their food before we did. However, when the food did make it's way over to our table, it was very good and worth the wait. 
     Another plus to consider is the ambiance of Opa! Looking around from our table you see tall, open windows, a high ceiling, and a clean and spacious dining room. You can tell a lot of money went into making this a nice Greek restaurant rather than a hole-in-the-wall. Not that hole-in-the-wall joints can't be good, but this is a specific dining experience with a bit of a more upscale quality. I would definitely recommend Opa! if this is what you are looking for in a meal.

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  1. That looks so good. Have you been to Montreal? We have great restaurants here!


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