Tuesday, December 10, 2013

New Obsession? Giovanni Rana

"Be true to yourself and the things that make you happy." 
-Giovanni Rana
Italian Chef

It always amazed me how a simple pot of boiling water could transform a dense ingredient like pasta into a chewy, delicious meal. Not long ago I came across Giovanni Rana pasta and sauce, and I may just be hooked for life. 

c/o Giovani Rana's Official Website

Cooking amazing Italian faire for over 50 years, Giovanni Rana is a well-known chef in Italy. He was inspired by the hand-made pasta of local Italian women. In the 1950's he went door-to-door handing out his pasta to those who didn't have time to hand make their own pasta. What really resonates with me is that, 10 years later, Giovanni created a machine that actually recreates the hand movements of a pasta maker, giving his manufactured pasta similar procedures and qualities of a homemade pasta.

What initially drew me to GR was the impeccable quality of ingredients. Many ingredients are classified as D.O.P., or "Protected Designation of Origin," to ensure they come from a particular place and are made in a particular way. Here are a few examples:

  • Genovese Basil DOP: Grown in the Liguria Mountains, surrounded by the moist Mediterranean Sea Air.
  • Golden-Yolked Eggs: From hens raised on a special feed diet.
  • Parmigiano Reggiano DOP: "The King of Italian Cheeses" from Northern Italy.
It is clear that GR puts in the time and dedication to ensure each and every ingredient is the best it can be. This makes me as a consumer feel secure in what I'm eating. 

The ingredients are what drew me to GR. The fast cook time and delicious taste is what sold me. Because the dough is so thin, the pasta itself cooks in 3 minutes flat. This is perfect for after a long day of work, when you want a quick, quality meal without the hours of slaving in the kitchen. 

Spinach Fettuccine 

Giovanni Rana has dedicated his life to testing and tasting his pasta, and it truly shows in the final product. If you're a pasta lover and cook, I recommend giving GR a try. They even offer free recipe ideas online to get your cooking wheels turning! 


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