Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cookie Monstah: Ice Cream Sandwich Dreams

cookie monstah boston blog review
M and M on top, Butterscotch and Potato chip on bottom, chocolate and Oreo ice cream in the middle

Boston is really embracing the food truck trend, to the benefit of all its inhabitants. Take the Cookie Monstah truck for example, where you pick 2 cookies, baked from scratch, and sandwich a heaping serving of ice cream between them. It's heaven on Earth!

Cookie Monstah

cookie monstah boston blog review

cookie monstah boston blog review

I went with the M&M cookie on top, and a Butterscotch Potato Chip cookie on the bottom (the potato chips were ruffles). My mom used to always put potato chips in her ice cream, so I knew it would make for a delish ice cream sandwich. 

For my ice cream, I decided on the oreo frozen yogurt. They claimed to be running low on that selection, so they asked me what I wanted on the other half. I went with the classic chocolate. Little did I know, they give out such generous servings! I probably would have been fine with just the oreo froyo alone, but I'm not complaining!

The whole thing came out to $5, and well worth the price. The woman working the window was super friendly and energetic, and seemed more than happy to help her customers figure out their order. 

All in all, it was a scrumptious dessert that I think everyone should try! That is, if you can catch the truck. :)

Do you have a favorite Boston Food Truck? Leave it in the comments below!

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  1. Hi Chelsea! Wow, what a monstah hah..hah..!! If I get a chance to go to Boston again, this will be my first stop!

    1. Hey Phong, thanks for stopping by! I totally support this being a priority in your Boston trip lol


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