Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Cambridge Brunch at Zuzu Restaurant & Bar

zuzu restaurant cambridge

Weekends were made for brunch. This particular weekend was made for Zuzu Bar and Restaurant at the Middle East in Cambridge!

Zuzu Bar and Restaurant

zuzu restaurant cambridge

I ordered the SOB Mimosa - a strawberry, orange, and banana smoothie coupled with champagne. The sweet, bubbly drink was a perfect start to the day.

zuzu restaurant cambridge

I ordered the Go Green - an egg scramble with tons of veggies, latke, and some of the best home fries I've ever had. The only hitch was that the menu offered the option of having tofu substituted, but when I asked for it, they said I could only substitute tofu for the eggs themselves. We didn't really understand this. But the food itself was great!

zuzu restaurant cambridge

Biscuits and gravy on the left, corn hash on the right. The hitch here was that he ordered a side of corn hash, but they brought out a full plate, saying that there's no side option, and then charged him full price for the plate! Common practice would be to ask the patron if they wanted a full plate, since that was not what he had originally ordered. It wasn't too big of a deal, but a bit odd to us.

zuzu restaurant cambridge

Poached eggs with salmon atop latkes. Yum! 

Comment Challenge: Brunch is my favorite meal! What's your favorite brunch item?

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