Sunday, September 7, 2014

Burgers & Brew in Arlington, Virgnia!

Dirty Shirley Cocktail - Sprite, vodka, and grenadine for a sweet twist. 

Following our tour of Washington, D.C., and Michael & Alexa's gorgeous wedding, our trip to Virginia was coming to a close. We went to the Capitol City Brewing Company in Arlington for a last dinner before our flight, and it turned out to be a great end to our mini vacation.

Fresh crispy egg rolls.

Beer flight, before our flight (back home). 

I ordered a burger and side salad with guacamole, and it was absolutely delicious. Every ingredient was fresh and I loved the horizontal presentation! You don't see that too often with a burger plate.

I loved how the salad came chopped up for easy bites, and how they added chopped veggies and croutons. Sometimes side salads can be pretty boring, but this one was fun & scrumptious!

Comment Challenge: What's your go-to dinner item?


  1. my go to is prawns! i love seafood! great post babe xxx food looks yummy

    1. Thanks so much Bunmi! Seafood is always a good choice :)

  2. I just learned about Dirty Shirleys on another blog I was reading! Looks like delicious food & even better drinks ;)

    xo, B

    1. That's so random! I'd definitely recommend trying them!


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