Tuesday, December 30, 2014

San Francisco & Lunch at Caffe DeLucchi

Caffe Delucchi San Francisco

Hello dear readers! As you may have noticed, I've been on a bit of a hiatus since spending the holidays back home. I'm still out west, but I wanted to show you what I've been up to in San Francisco! The other day, we took an epic urban hike around the gorgeous city I call home. 

Caffe Delucchi San Francisco

To start, we walked up the steps that lead to Coit Tower, which were filled with amazing views of the bay and great topiary/from the front yards of the houses along the trail.

Caffe Delucchi San Francisco

We also met this cute little black and white cat - Mister Jacks! He was super friendly and literally jumped up and into my arms! We wanted to keep him. 

Caffe Delucchi San Francisco

To refuel after our urban hike, we stopped at the adorable Caffe DeLucchi in the nearby North Beach. Caffe DeLucchi is a classic Italian restaurant with outdoor seating and a scrumptious menu.

Caffe Delucchi San Francisco

We started with the original caesar salad, with anchovies on top. It was entirely fresh, crisp, and delicious.

Caffe Delucchi San Francisco

I ordered the rigatoni bolonese, which was cooked perfectly - not too soft, not too tough. This dish really hit the spot!

Caffe Delucchi San Francisco

Here is the fresh snapper sandwich, with parmesan encrusted fresh snapper filet, housemade caper aioli, lettuce, and tomato on a soft ciabatta roll. You don't see snapper too often on the East Coast, so it was a treat coming back home and seeing this one on the menu.

I feel so incredibly lucky to go home to San Francisco, a city filled with breathtaking views and drool-worthy feasts. It's important to experience everything your city has to offer and I'm making more of an effort every year to do so, both in Boston and SF!

Comment Challenge: What do you love most about your city?

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  1. Looks like fun! The Bay Area is so beautiful & we're lucky to call it home :) & that cat is absolutely adorable! My favorite things about the city are definitely the food & views also! I live in the East Bay so the weather is also beautiful most of the time :) I'm happy you're having a good time at home!

    From the Desk of J

  2. Such lovely photos, the food looks super yummy! :) xx


  3. I love SF so much! I didn't know you were from the West Coast. o; I'm a Cali girl myself. (; Haha, neat pictures and that food looks delicious. Hope you have a Happy New Year Chelsea! (:

    Lots of Love,


  4. The cat's so adorable. I can always go for a salad and pasta, both look so good! I'm happy for you that you're spending time at your home. There's really no place like home. Happy new year Chelsea!! xx


  5. Love the picture with you and the cat! And the red jacket looks so cute. Agree 100% about we should take advantage of what's available!!

  6. SF looks like a beautiful place to live.
    Hope you are having a good time back home!
    Wishing you a Happy New Year!
    Stella from a A Shiny Place

  7. Love San Francisco, would love to revisit, it was a very long time ago when I was there. That sandwich looks so fresh and tasty.

  8. San Francisco is a gorgeous city! I haven't been up there for a while now, but it's always fun to go :)

    Emily // ahemitsemme.blogspot.com


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