Saturday, May 30, 2015

Shiki Sushi + Local Macaroons

shiki sushi

Sushi isn't for everyone. I get that. It's a bunch of slippery, often raw slices of fish. Despite this, I happen to love it. When I was little, I thought I didn't like sushi because all I had tried was the California Roll. As I became more adventurous as a foodie, I realized the big wide world of sushi options, and how awesome it is! There are countless different textures, styles, and flavors of sushi, all of which are brought to you in the prettiest presentation. 

When I came to Boston, it was important to me to find a really amazing sushi place, and Shiki Sushi definitely lives up to that high standard. We came here for lunch and ordered the Sushi Moriawase lunch set, which comes with miso soup, salad, and a plate of chef's choice nigiri (fish + rice) and maki (rolled) sushi. 

shiki sushi

There's something about Japanese salads I always enjoy, and I think it's the dressing. I also love the salty miso soup.

shiki sushi

How pretty is this plate? I love the Japanese focus on presentation in their food - they really make it a work of art. 

shiki sushi

After lunch, we perused the cutest little local farmer's market, where we found these delish Boston Bonbon macaroons. From right to left, these are green tea, nutella, and red bean paste flavored. The nutella was my fave!

Comment Challenge: What are your thoughts on sushi - love it or leave it?

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  1. I have been trying to get into sushi! I used to be so nervous about it :)

  2. Oh sushi! <3 Is there a better food? Like it should be it's own food group. (; Sadly my fiance hates it so the only time I ever get it is convincing him to join me in a buffet dinner. I can eat my weight in sushi. (:

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