Monday, October 10, 2016

Audubon Boston Brunch

audubon boston brunch

You may remember my past reviews of Audubon Boston restaurant. We keep coming back because it's a pretty fun venue with chalkboard tables, plenty of TVs to cheer on your favorite sports teams, and an ever-changing menu. We had some friends in town from San Francisco this weekend, and it was on our list to take them here! Read on to see what brunch delights they offered this time around.

audubon boston brunch

Look at this scrumptious breakfast flatbread! It comes with scrambled eggs, arugula, bacon, and just a hint of Sriracha sauce - just enough to give it some flavor, without being too overwhelming.

audubon boston brunch

This colorful display is named Crazy Q's Southern Benedict. It usually comes with 2 over-easy eggs and spinach over sweet potato cakes, and topped with white pepper gravy and house pickled onions. The one we ordered is a common swap of the gravy for hollandaise sauce to make it gluten free. 

audubon boston brunch

For the simple breakfast, you also have the option of the Brunch Plate, with two eggs, roasted potatoes, and choice of bacon, ham or sausage with grilled white or wheat baguette. Pictured here is their delicious and fluffy gluten free bun!

In the past we had some issues with service, but this time around the waitress was super friendly and helpful. The only snag was in the beginning when a total of 3 different employees came up and asked us how many were in our party before finally seating us. It was kind of like the Twilight Zone or a funny SNL skit. Overall, it was a good experience with delicious food and speedy service. 

Comment Challenge: What's your fave brunch plate?

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