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New Year's Resolutions 2017 + Black and Blue Outfit

*Note: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Photography by Regan Cleminson.

Coat: J. Crew Factory | Dress: c/o Dezzal | Ankle Boots: c/o Naot |
Bag: c/o Oliver Bilou | Necklace: c/o The Pearl Source (similar)

Happy New Year! What better colors to ring in the new year and to represent winter than a crisp royal blue and neutral black? Read on for outfit details as well as my resolutions for 2017! These resolutions are to be taken with a grain of salt, of course - while January is the perfect time to set new goals, I agree with Reese Witherspoon's notion to not put too much pressure on myself right off the bat. These are more of suggested guidelines for myself in the new year, rather than hard and fast rules to measure each day.

Watch: c/o Timex

I'm wearing a lot of current faves in this outfit, including my go-to Uptown Dress Coat I scored on Black Friday from J. Crew Factory (which I recently started ordering from for the first time and am now obsessed with - just be sure to read the reviews to weed out the affordable gems from the duds)! This coat is super warm, perfectly chic and goes with everything from dresses, skirts, and jeans with OTK boots.

You may recognize these amazingly stylish and comfortable Taku booties by Naot from my NYC trip - they go with everything and have the most comfortable microfiber-covered sole to make it feel as though you're walking on clouds! I literally walked ALL OVER New York City for miles in these one weekend and they were so comfortable the entire trip. Plus, how chic are those gold stud details? 

The frosty blue handbag from Oliver Bilou and matching dress from Dezzal are the perfect pops of winter color. There are so many reasons why this high-quality "Amy" fringe bag from Oliver Bilou is on heavy rotation! I love the statement color, trendy suede tassels, metal feet, and how it contains an inspiring quote on the inside pocket: "Chin up, shoulders back angel... You’ve got this in the bag xxx". The 2 outer diagonal zippers makes for fun extra pockets, and there's an inner hook for your keys so you don't have to fumble around for them. This bag adds the perfect pop of accent color to any outfit, and Chow Down readers can use promo code "chelsea" for 10% off!


This stunning royal blue dress from Dezzal will ensure you stand out in a crowd this season. How unique is that intricate print? It continues down the sleeves as well, and the hem is even pleated for more fun detail! 

New Years Resolutions 2017

1. Bring Lunch to Work

SO much of my money goes to eating out, it's not even funny. A large portion of that is buying lunch at work every day, which doesn't seem like a lot but really adds up after a while. I'd like to start prepping lunch at home to heat up at work, wish me luck on this one!


2. Invest in My Blog: Research Cameras

I've started to use professional photographers more with my blog, and there's no comparison at the higher level of quality versus my current iphone camera capabilities. Photographers don't come cheap though, so I'd like to be able to take my own shots now and again to maintain that high level of quality in my images. If you know of any amazing cameras for blogging, let me know!


3. Exercise Routine

I may be tiny, but that doesn't mean exercise isn't still important for health! I'd love to get back into a good yoga routine, balancing that with work and blogging in a sustainable way.


4. Cook More

I'd love to learn more delicious recipes and cook more. I love eating out at restaurants, but it can get addicting and it's not economical to do so all of the time!


5. Travel to Europe

Did you know I have an EU passport? You wouldn't be able to tell because I've NEVER USED IT! How silly is that? I definitely want to make time to visit Europe this year - especially Ireland and Scotland (where my family comes from), as well as Paris, London, and Italy (for the fashion and food, of course). 

Coat: J. Crew Factory | Dress: c/o Dezzal | Ankle Boots: c/o Naot  | Bag: c/o Oliver Bilou | Necklace: c/o The Pearl Source (similar)

These are my top New Year's resolutions for 2017! Hope you enjoyed them and get ideas for your own resolutions.

Comment Challenge: What are your New Years resolutions this year?

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