Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Burgundy Maxi Dress at the Golden Gate Bridge + High School Reunion

*Note: This post is sponsored. All opinions are my own. Photography by Richard Park and Jenn Alexander.

Remember my New Years Eve outfit - consisting of that gold sequin blazer, those black distressed denim and red booties in San Francisco? Remember how I said it was post one of three? Well here is the second post from my trip back home to SF for the holidays! 

Coming home is always a whirlwind of emotions, no matter how many times you do it. This past trip was extra eventful since I also attended my high school reunion! I wore this stunning burgundy maxi dress from Bailey Blue Clothing, since it fits like a glove and gives me that extra boost of confidence (also comes in dark olive and navy). Its long lace layer gives it an elegant look without being too matronly, and the burgundy hue is so classic. 

This leather jacket from Wilson's Leather also has a story behind it. When I was in middle school, I went with my dad to the mall to get him a leather jacket from Wilson's. Of course, I wanted a matching one so we got this great piece. We figured I would grow into it soon enough, but I'm petite and it never really happened until now. So it means a lot when I wear it! I'm debating getting the sleeves hemmed a bit or letting them stay with that slightly long sleeved look.

It's crazy to think that enough time has passed to have already gone to my high school reunion. Going back home already gives that feeling of going back to your old ways, but seeing old friends from high school amplifies that tenfold. I went with some close friends (many of whom I have been friends with actually since middle school), and we stopped by the Dry Bar first to get our hair done which was so fun! My high school wasn't too clique-y, but the core friend groups definitely stayed together for the most part. At the reunion we did branch out a bit and talked to those we haven't seen face-to-face in a while, which was so nice. 

They say reunions aren't what they used to be with the age of social media keeping everyone updated from afar, but there's something to be said for catching up in person. One of my friends is a veterinarian now, another studies birds across the U.S., and another peer is a D.A.! I also had a weird experience where a guy from our high school thought he knew me, and got really mad when I didn't remember him! Some of my friends knew him, but I definitely did not have any classes with him or anything. Still to this day we have not solved the mystery and I'm certain that he had me confused with someone else!

I also wore this dress to the opening of Pabu sushi in Boston. Yes, I will rewear outfits with no shame. Especially cute ones like this! It's such a versatile dress that I felt just as comfortable wearing it to the opening of a sushi restaurant, as I did at my high school reunion in downtown San Francisco, as I did walking barefoot on Baker Beach. 

Comment Challenge: What's your go-to dress at the moment? What did you think of your high school reunion if you attended it already?

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