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The Peach Box Review + How to De-Stress in 2017

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It's now mid-February and the new year is in full swing! Many new years resolutions that I saw included a focus on de-stressing in 2017, which is always a good idea! Keeping calm and carrying on are good for you mentally and physically, which in turn supports all other areas of your life. Read on to see my go-to stress relievers!

(See outfit details on my Valentine's Day post!)

1. Treat Yourself

Parks and Rec fans, you already know what I'm talking about! Tom and Donna had it right when they set aside a full day each year to reward themselves for working hard. Treating yourself can mean different things to different people, but the main goal is clear: go above and beyond to give yourself something that makes you happy. 

I'm a big fan of retail therapy. Sometimes I'll splurge on pretty pieces like this watch and bangle combo from The Peach Box (you may have seen the short video I posted about it on Insta)! Just looking at these shiny accessories gives me a little pep in my step throughout the day. The Peach Box is based in Australia and offers the most gorgeous, sleek and glamorous pieces! I love the gold mesh strap (a second blush leather band comes as a complimentary alternative), and the large, clear watch face. The Roman numeral bangle is also on heavy rotation in my closet and goes with absolutely everything. Use code chowdownusa for 15% off!


2. Make A To-Do List

Sometimes it feels like there are so many to-do's, be it for work, blogging, or general life errands. It helps me to write them all down in my planner and on color-coded post-it list pads. Once it's out of my head and all organized, I feel a sense of relief as I can formulate a game plan to prioritize and tackle the lists. 


3. Laugh

I can't stress this one enough - it is the best medicine, after all. Whether it's watching your favorite comedian on tv or getting together with a group of friends for a game night, do whatever you can to let yourself laugh. Psychologically, even just smiling if you're stressed will send your brain the message that you're happy, tricking your mind into de-stressing! So you can imagine what genuine laughter can do. This weekend for example I went to see Louis C.K. perform stand-up on his last show of the tour, which was hilarious!

4. Exercise

Exercise releases endorphins which make you happy and relieves stress. Find a routine you like and stick to it. I'm a big fan of yoga, dance, snowboarding, swimming and kayaking. 


5. Take News and Social Media Breaks

This is a rough year for politics to say the least. While it's important to stay up-to-date on the world around you, it's ok to take sanity breaks now and then. The same goes for social media, which is a great source of inspiration but can also be an exhausting show of everyone's highlight reel and take up huge amounts of time. It's ok to take a break every now and then to recharge.

6. Write in a Gratitude Journal

I know this one sounds extra cheesy, but studies have shown that gratitude is one of the most stress-relieving emotions. It forces you to focus on the positive and realize all of the great things in your life, instead of focusing on all of the things that need to get done.

Comment Challenge: What are your best tips for de-stressing in 2017?

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