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How to Dress for Both Style + Comfort: Blue Cashmere Sweater with Grana

*Note: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Photos by Icy Li Photography.

Cashmere Sweater: c/o Grana | Denim: Express

I'm all about the intersection of style and comfort, and this blue cashmere sweater from Grana is the epitome of that combination. In fact, all Grana products embody these values, since they search the globe (from Peru to Tokyo) for the absolute best quality materials, and sell them without the high mark-ups often seen in the fashion industry. This means that you have access to the best styles and most comfortable fabrics at prices that don't break the bank. 

Be sure to use promo code CHOWDOWNUSAxGRANA for 10% off your Grana order! You can shop by fabric, including cashmeresilks, Peruvian cotton, Japanese denim, and Italian wool, or by clothing type, such as dresses, tanks & tees, blouses, and sweaters.

Read on to see my tips for how to dress for both style and comfort.

1. Think about the Fabric

I don't care how cute it looks, there's nothing that ruins a sweater faster than an itchy fabric! Treat yourself by investing in pieces that are super soft and comfortable, like cashmere, silk, and higher quality cotton. These superior fabrics are also more stylish, so you're killing two birds with one stone here.

2. Dress for the Weather 

Maintaining an ideal body temperature is key to staying comfortable, no matter the fabrics of your outfit. Boston is chilly the majority of the year, so for me it's important to invest in cozy sweaters, coats, shoes, and scarves which will keep me warm and last a long time. I know it can be tempting to put on less layers to look cuter, but you will not be as comfortable since you're not warm!

Likewise, if you live somewhere that's hot and humid the majority of the year, you'll obviously want to go with shorter sleeves and breathable cotton fabrics to keep you cooler. 

If you live somewhere with mild temperatures that shift often (like San Francisco), be sure to wear layers so you can add and remove pieces throughout the day as needed.


3. Accessorize

Adding jewelry and sunglasses to your outfit can really pull it together, and make any comfy sweater look a little more chic. Here I'm wearing my favorite Ray Ban wayfarers, a rose gold bangle from The Peach Box and a layered necklace. These pieces give the eyes stylish focal points to notice apart from my sweater. 

4. Add a Pop of Color

This one is optional and might be controversial. Some swear by neutrals for a chic look (which I understand), but I always receive more compliments on bold hues. I picked a rich blue for this cashmere sweater to give it a little more pizzazz and style than your average black or beige sweater would have. Bonus points of it's the color of the year (hint: this year's Pantone color is "greenery").

Cashmere Sweater: c/o Grana | Denim: Express

5. Incorporate a Trend 

Bring your comfy look into the limelight by incorporating a current trend. For this look I opted for black distressed denim jeans to balance out my cozy blue cashmere sweater. 

6. Discover the Magic of Block Heels

Let's be real - while wearing stilettos may look super stylish, they are no one's friend when it comes to comfort (and they can really disfigure your feet and toes which is not a good look)! Block heels are on trend right now, and are 1,000x more comfortable due to their added surface area and foot support. You can walk all day and night in them and still feel comfortable. Take advantage of this trend, and do your feet a favor with some block heels!

There you have my top tips for dressing for both style and comfort. Don't forget to use code CHOWDOWNUSAxGRANA for 10% off your Grana order! You can shop by fabric, including cashmeresilks, Peruvian cotton, Japanese denim, and Italian wool, or by clothing type, such as dressestanks & teesblouses, and sweaters.

Comment Challenge: What are your tips for dressing for both style and comfort? 

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