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The Importance of Friends with Itz Spritz

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With its warm weather and endless fun activities, summer is the perfect time to get together with friends. Sometimes it's easy to take them for granted, but friends are honestly invaluable. Even the most independent people can benefit from the community of your closest pals, and studies have shown that friends can literally extend your lifespan and make you healthier (more on that below)! 

We got together with Itz Spritz for a summer hangout on the Charles river docks to celebrate the importance of good friends. If you haven't tried Itz Spritz, I cannot recommend it enough! It's a fun and bubbly alcohol spritzer with delicious and unique flavors like Elderflower Citrus, Cucumber Lime Twist, and Golden Pear! The Elderflower was our favorite, but they're all phenomenal! 

Read on to see why friends are so important, including scientific studies to back up the importance of your pals!

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1. They Make You Laugh & Live Longer

Friends are great for comedic relief and to put things in perspective. Whether you're feeling upbeat or blue, your pals are there to put you in the right mindset and laugh for hours on end. I really believe that laughter is the best medicine, so this is a priceless gift. It's no wonder that a 2010 study showed that the effect of social ties on lifespan is twice as important as how much you exercise.


2. They Listen & Problem-Solve

Nothing is better than a group of friends when you have a story to tell. Whether it's an adventure story or something small, your friends are there to experience life with you and share each other's hopes and dreams. Sometimes it's nice to bounce ideas off of others, and your friends are always there to help you problem solve everything from careers to relationship advice. 

Dress: Madewell

3. They Keep You Healthy

You know how when you're with friends you feel a general sense of happiness and safety? Studies have shown that those with strong social ties are actually physically healthier than those without. This seems intuitive but there's actual science to back it up! 


4. They Support You and Keep Your Mind Sharp

When you need a leg up, your friends are there to lift you up and support you. Apart from keeping your body healthy, interacting with friends and combating loneliness actually reduces the risk of dementia - so stay social to keep sharp! 


5. They Challenge You

Another important form of support is to have friends who challenge you. From trying new things, to being true to yourself, you can count on your pals to push you to be the best version of yourself.


6. They Bring New Experiences

Friends bring new experience to the table, from travel to activities to foods. Growing up in the super diverse San Francisco, I'm grateful to have friends from many different backgrounds who showed me so many different foods and cultures, all of which shaped the person I am today.


7. They're Fun

Friends are the best form of stress-relief because they always bring the fun! Whether we're traveling the globe or just chilling on the docks of the Charles Esplanade, you can count on your pals to bring laughter, great conversation, and fun antics.





Itz Spritz was the perfect way to elevate our hangout on the Charles. They're made with just 5 all-natural ingredients, all of which are gluten-free. There is zero malt, high-fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, or coloring in these drinks, just simple ingredients. Plus, I love supporting a female-founded business! The founder Kate comes from a family-run beer business, and set out to make her very own sparkling adult beverage that caters to modern tastes without compromising on calories. Basically, Itz Spritz is everything you want, and nothing you don't!

Comment Challenge: What Makes Your Friends Important To You?


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