Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wicked Tulips Field: How to Prevent Burnout

Earlier this spring I was lucky enough to catch one of the last days of the Wicked Tulips Field in full bloom! The tulips were stunning and it was a warm day with blue skies. I couldn't believe all of the different shades and patterns of the flowers, and they all seemed so happy and thriving! 

One thing all bloggers can agree with is that, though it comes with endless opportunities, new friends, travel, amazing eats and fun events, blogging can quickly burn you out (especially if you have a full time job like so many of us do)! I've put together a list of ways to prevent burnout - easier said than done, I know!

Wicked Tulips Field: How to Prevent Burnout

1. Learning to Say No

This is one I really struggle with! Sometimes there are a ton of fun blogger events, even multiple in one day, and often during the week after work. I tend to get fomo and try to go to all of them, which is just not sustainable! It's important to know that it's ok to say no if you're feeling tired or just need some me time. As long as you still respond to the event coordinator / pr person, you shouldn't worry about burning any bridges. 

2. Find What Relaxes You - And Do That!

Some people run, others watch a Netflix show (um hi, I pretty much always have The Office on repeat), and others carve out time for a massage every now and then. Take the time to figure out what destresses you, and make sure you actually do that on a regular basis!

3. Stop to Smell the Roses (or the Tulips)

These days, we're always running from one project or event to the next. Apart from saying no to plans, be sure that you're taking the time to just be in the moment every now and then. Enjoy the little things!

4. Hang with Friends (and Laugh)!

Laughter for me is really the best medicine. Career and blogging is important, but make sure you have goofy days just laughing and hanging out with friends too. It's all about balance!

5. Enjoy the Sunshine

Take advantage of the fact that it's summer - get your Vitamin D while enjoying the sun rays on a stroll around the neighborhood! 

6. Listen to Your Body

If you're starting to feel burned out, take a step back. See if you can figure out what's stressing you out, or what is taking up most of your time. 

How Do You Prevent Burnout?


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